I know this  is the second blog in a row I make, but this has to be said in a different blog than the review on the episode.

Before the episode aired, from different users around the wiki, we knew who was seen on set and who wasn't. Some of us said this contains spoilers, as someone who isn't seen on set is most likely dead, while those who are seen are alive. The ones who leaked this info said being spotted on set is "hardly a spoiler", as it doesn't mean anything. Others also said  that by coming to the wiki I risk being spoiled. Yes I do, but thhis doesn't mean the one who spoiled me (or someone else) must go on without a penalty. Besides, what hasn't aired yet is considered a spoiler, so who is seen filming is definitely one.

Well, ever since episode 4, and possibly before that, every time we talked about death predictions, someone popped up and said "Scott Wilson (Hershel) wasn't seen on set", "Emily Kinney (Beth) won't die carrying Judith, she was seen on set after they filmed the midseason", "Daryl was seen too, Tyreese and Sasha as well".

Personally, I knew these things were legit, and yeah I am not stupid to believe actors will just go there to see their old buddies right after they have been written off the show. As you all see now, these people were 100% accurate at death predictions.

I propose one thing. No one, and I mean no one, talks about who was seen on set. Whoever does gets a warning, and the next time a permanent ban. Most of us don't want to be spoiled, and as it seems these things are 100% spoilers. 

I want to hear your opinions on this subject as I think it is very important, and more importantly, the opinion of the admins. 

Thank you all in advance