Hi everyone, long time since the last blog post was created, it's been a while too since the last issue aired (damn monthly issues) and the blog section has been  kinda dead. At least deader than usual. So, I thought about these two topics that I would like to discuss with you. Note that they do not coonnect to each other.

The first topic is:

Inspiration from other media

What other media do you think Kirkman has been inspired from? All writers are inspired ffrom somewhere, Kirkman surely does too. It may sound crazy, but I have found a couple of similarities with One Piece. Yeah, you heard right. One piece!! What are these similarities?

1) The timeskip. Now, of course the two media are completely different, but  I couldn't help but notice some similarities between the timeskips. Of course the characters in the walking dead didn't develop any new powers, but like one piece, their appearance changed a lot (for most people anyway, like Rick, Carl and Jesus).

2)Also the world seems very different in both media and after the timeskip, in both media the characters are more prepared than ever to deal with the harshness of the world. Luffy was able to defeat a Pacifista with a single punch and Rick's group was able tto redirect a herd with only a couple of people, while saving some more in the process.

3)Don't forget also that in both cases, the timeskip is two years.

What do you think? are these similarities by coincidence or is Kirkman a fan of One Piece? I think that if they are not coincidental, it takes a lot of talent to draw inspiration from a stry so different. Also, do you see any other similarities with other media?


I discovered Kickstarter recently, and I like the concept of it a lot. I also saw there is a comic section, and there are some projects really great. I am thinking of donating to some of them, and I just wanted to share this with you in case someone is interested.


Now I know this blog isn't 300 words by far, but I tried to elaborate as much as I could. I hope you find this interesting enought o keep around and maybe give an opinion. Everyone have a nice day!!