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To be honest, I didn't want to make this review as I was really disappointed and frustrated by this episode, and I will not be objective  in any way. Your comments will be respected though, that is for sure, so feel free to leave them whether we agree or not. So, let's get to it:


Maybe the worst title ever for an episode, only surpassed by the following one ("A"). The title came from a one minute talk Daryl had with the marauder-leader-who-will-die-and-whose-name-I-don't-remember. The episode could have bee named "Filler", because that was what it was, but then again, so could another 3 episodes after the mid-season finale.

Of course Daryl wopuld never be a part of them. Season one Daryl would jump into their group first chance he got, but Darul has come a long way to eturn to who he was. If this is what they wanted to show us with this, yeah it was something interesting, but this subject was covered during the Merle Arc. This was just a repetition of it which seemed like a filler.

The first thirty minutes

The thing  that bothered me most, was how if someone removed the first thirty minutes from this episode, he wouldn't have missed anything. It was a damn filler. Random talks that didn't go anywhere. Michonne and Carl playing was good, but Daryl and the marauders' scenes could have lasted five minutes. Same with Glenn and co. The only interesting thing is how the marauders revealed they are after Rick for killing one of their own.

The Tunnel

The tunnel scene was something that didn't make sense either. "It will take a day to go around", Glenn said. How exactly did he know about this? Has he ever walked around it? Of course going around would be  the safest route, and as proved, the fastest one. I laughed when Glenn and Tara hadn't made it out of the tunnel yet, while Abraham and co managed to drive around it, find Maggie, Sasha and Bob and go inside to save them in time. Glenn was so stupid this episode. And Tara hurt herself very easily. And Eugene's actor is a little annoying when he portrays him sometimes. Eugene is not a heartless nerd who stattes facts coldly. He is a kind man overall. Anyway, some scenes with Eugene were good in this episode, so I'm mot complaining.


What is this? The third episode in a row where Maggie doesn't mention Beth. She did the best she could to find Glenn, but she seems to not care about Beth at all. Sasha mentions Tyreese here and there, and didn't want to go to Terminus in fear of learning his fate, but Maggie seems to not care. That's horrible acting in my opinion. 


Another place the writers messed up big time. Unlocked, unwatched, looking like a trap from miles away, the group just walks in. They didn't  think to leave some of them outside just in case something goes wwrong, nor were they alerted and distrusting by woodbury and the governor. Most people would be at the very least wary. 

P.S. Was that Beth being cooked by Mary?

Enough with the rant

Now, you may think I am bitter, but all I want is to point out some minor, and some times not so minor writing errors. Well, not everything is bad right? After all, it is one of our favorite shows on tv. So, here are some things I particularly liked in this episode.

  • The kindness between Glenn, Tara, Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita. Things like this are what makes you root for these characters. Eugene needs to ditch the stereotypical nerd style and become the guy we love from the comics. After showing us this kindness today, it will be difficult to hate him when his secret will be revealed.
  • Glenn and Maggie reuniting. Eventually one of them will die, and it will be very very big. I think it will be Glenn, and I wouldn't mind if he went out the same way in the comics, since Maggie's role in the comics is way too important to have her killed off. However, I'd like to see Carol leading the hilltop. This is something that would suit her a lot.
  • Tara's secret. Glenn said he met her on the road, hiding from maggie the fact that she was on the Governor's side. I bet Maggie won't be as forgiving, and Rick will most probably remember her. "You with the ponytail, is that what you want?", he said wwhen he called her out for help when he tried to negotiate peace. Tara didn't help Rick then, so I bet he won't like that too.
  • Michonne and Carl. Clearly Michonne is to Carl the mother Lori never was. I like their relationship and am rooting for both of them.
  • Marauders. They fear Terminus won't be safe, but they have thhings to settle with Rick. So I expect a three front war, unless the guy who knows Rick dies. Only then do I see them teaming up, because of Daryl for once, and because Abraham will ask them to join him in the trip to DC.
  • Mary. I think they have taken some elements from the telltale game for the hunters. I totally called it a while back, and I think it's one of the best deviations from the comic. I'm looking forward to see how this whole thing unfolds. Hope they don't drag it out until the next season though


TO sum up, this episode seemed to me as another filler, adding to the list of the many that came after the mid-season(except the Grove). Sorry to the fans, but Gimple has screwed up big time in this half if you ask me. The plot doesn't move forward at all, most episodes are fillers, and the character development (which is the most we have) is very good, but not as great as it could be if the plot moved forward and they faced more situations. 

Kirkman said that the season will end in a cliffhanger (something I hate), so I fear that they will waste the first thirty minutes of the next episode and they will leave the hunters for the next season. That would be horrible, considering how much time they had to comlete this arc in this season. I hope I'm wrong guys, I really do.

Thanks for reading, whether you agree with my point of view or not. I'd like if you left some feedback, and I promise you your comments will be respected. Please don't be bitter about me ranting and reviewing bad the episode, that's just my opinion

Looking forward to listening from you, but I'm not finished yet

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