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  • Petrosmpak

    Ok, first things first. I don't mean to bash on anyone, especially Maimer whose blogs I really like, regardless on wherther we agree or not on some things the show has done. 

    That being said, I am here again to complain about the idea of the masterblog, and how one member only gets to do it. It's been two days since the episode aired, and we don't even have a place in this wiki to talk about it. Someone will say the forums, but I don't care. Not everyone goes in the forums, most people actually don't, and definitely not the non-hardcore fans. Besides, the forums are not meant to replace the blog posts, they are meant to be complementary. Blog posts are needed, especially for people who rarely come here and leave when they don't see anything…

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  • Petrosmpak

    Hello everyone,

    no song from me for an introduction (I hate these things in blog posts), so I ll get straight to the point. Two topics for today, so it's gonna be a long one (Yayyyyy!!!)

    Judith's biological father. This is an interesting one, and I don't have a definitive answer, but I got some clues to prove that Rick has more chances to be the father than Shane. 

    How, you ask? Well, genetics is the answer.Now before I go any further, I know all this is based on the genetics of the actrs, and the writers didn't even think these details when they cast Judith, but science is science. Let's get on:

    First, let's take a look at the following picture:

    The picture shows the percentages of the child's eye color based on the parents' colors. Now we kno…

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  • Petrosmpak

    Hi everyone, it's been a long time since I made a blog, but I wanted to share this with you since I find it kinda imposrtant. so here goes:

    With the midseason finale gone, Beth dead and more characters joining the group, we now have a clearer picture of who will finally make it to Alexandria DC. So let's begin:

    • Rick Grimes
    • Carl Grimes
    • Morgan Jones
    • Glenn
    • Andrea
    • Sophia
    • Maggie Greene
    • Michonne
    • Abraham
    • Eugene
    • Rosita
    • Gabriel Stokes

    Total count: 12

    If no one else dies and no one else joins the group, this is the group that will reach Alexandria in the Tv Series:

    • Rick Grimes
    • Carl Grimes
    • Judith Grimes
    • Morgan Jones
    • Glenn
    • Carol Peletier
    • Daryl Dixon
    • Maggie Greene
    • Michonne
    • Tyreese
    • Sasha
    • Tara Chambler
    • Abraham Ford
    • Rosita Espinosa
    • Eugene Porter
    • Father Gabriel Stokes
    • Noah
    • Presumably Stev…

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  • Petrosmpak

    Issue 131 preview

    September 6, 2014 by Petrosmpak

    Hello guys, the preview for Issue 131 has just been released. However, it's only for those who have an account on Skybound. Here is the link ( http://www.skybound.com/the-walking-dead-131-preview/) , if anyone could upload the preview here (if that's allowed) that would make lots of us happy. 

    I haven't seen it yet, so no comments for now. Whoever has seen it, feel free to comment!!

    Edit: Here are the panels. Thanks Devinthe66 (click to enlarge)

    As always, not much is shown in these panels.

    In the first panel, is that Jesus? I believe he is sent to investigate the "whispering" dead. Boy, does he look terrified. I wonder what is going on. It may be Marco in the infirmary too. Don't care about him, we didn't know him before to be interested in h…

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  • Petrosmpak

    Hello guys, this is another theory blog about what to expect in the following chapters. Spoilers from issue 130 for those who haven't caught up yet. So let's go:

    Last issue, Ken and Marco (I think those are the names), two characters I think we had never seen before, said they heard the dead whispering. Now it was all rainy, they didn't take a good look as they had fallen down, but they said they heard it perfectly. It was whispers, and from what I think this will follow us in the next volume as well, judging by the cover from Issue 134.

    The whispers are walkers evolving, or the virus mutating.

    Personally I would hate something like that. I mean totally hate. Also, depending on the explanation, I may hate this more or live with it. But chance…

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