Ugh, the third episode was flooded with religion references, and seriously only had four zombies in it.

I know the series and therefore the show is not supposed to be about zombies at all, but more about the people living together in this world. But honestly, why have them in the show at all if nothing happens with them?

Merle shunning God, Christianity, and Christ in the beginning of the episode really turned me off a bit for the entire episode. It felt way more like a Stephen King movie than The Walking Dead series I know and love.

The next problem is that we have Rick sleeping soundly in his underwear his first night at camp. Doesn't that seem just a bit off? If I had woken up to the zombie apocalypse a few days prior, you'd never catch me without clothes on for more than a few minutes, and I'd always have shoes and my gun handy in case the camp was getting attacked. It's a bit ridiculous that he would be so comfortable two days after waking up.

Merle cutting his hand off instead of the chain is silly too. Obviously the zombies didn't make it through the door since Rick and Co. had to cut through to get up there, so he still had time to just cut the chain or the bar the cuffs were on. Plus, the blood loss from cutting off your own hand would have been so severe and massive, he probably wouldn't even have survived the process! People commit suicide that way! Come on!

I do have to say that two 'show developments' are really genius and were never in the comic:

The use of a crossbow to kill the zombies is brilliant. I can't believe that in the 7 years of comics, no one has ever thought to find one of those things. It's quiet, and has reusable ammo! Where's the comic character's heads at?

Shane being worried about being able to see the smoke from a distance is also well thought out. The comic characters are always burning bodies or setting fires with no thought to if the zombies are attracted to the smoke, let alone other dangerous people. Again, brilliant.

This show is still similar to the comic, but it's focusing on some extremely weird points. Ditch the religion diatribe, and focus on the fact that there is danger everywhere! Seriously, you're surrounded by carnivorous beasts, act like it!

Oh and if you could refrain from calling them the ridiculous word 'Geeks' ever again, I would stop cringing every time I hear it. They're walkers, or biters, or lurkers, or the dead. They're not sideshow weirdos or teenage kids playing with magic cards.