Okay, so I will spout off about the show in another post, but I have to voice my concerns about this amazing comic here too.

I just finished reading all 78 issues of the series, to gain a better understanding about the differences between the show and the book. I had read them all before, but reread them to see how the early stuff is clearly different.

With that in mind, I still loved the series. The loss of Lori and Tyreese still got to me, and Carl getting close to raped was really heartbreaking all over again.

My problems stem mostly from the current predicament, in Alexandria

So on their way to Washington, D.C., Abraham tells Rick all about how shooting guns casts a sound net for about 2-3 miles where all walkers in that zone hear it and turn their direction towards it. You'd think, from then and there, any use of guns would be extremely sparse, ESPECIALLY when they decide that they're settling into Alexandria long-term.

Abraham also specifically talks about how staying in one place is the worst thing you can do, since it makes it easier for anyone around to find you. Constantly moving is the only way to stay ahead of those who would try to find you. Yet, the entire group, Abraham included, hunker down in Alexandria just as soon as they find it. Yes, it's a great community with some decent walls, but wth? Didn't he JUST say this was a bad idea? How the heck is everyone cool with trying to live a normal life there? It's crazy. Too many people wouldn't just accept it, no matter how nice.

So they're staying in one place, VERY close to D.C., shooting guns off in town if not a few blocks away, AND they're attempting to go back to a normal life. No way man! Everyone in that compound should have their own gun with them at all times, and still be sticking close to their loved ones. You can't just shuttle Carl off to school and not see him all day when things could go horrible ANY TIME. Geez!

Not to mention the fact that the zombies are for the most part non-existent as they approach the community. In the prison, and even at Woodbury, they had to constantly worry about the buildup of zombies at the outer gates, or have guys stationed up there to kill them on arrival. No one is doing this at Alexandria, they just construct the wall, and magically no zombies hang out around it.

I do realize by the cut-scenes that Kirkman is building to the community being hit hard and possibly overrun by a giant mob of zombies, but there are too many bs calls not to talk about them in this area. The story had been so tight and close to reality prior to their arrival at DC, I really can't understand what has changed. In any case, it's obvious that the community will fall and all of the people there who survive will be devastated and never trust something like this again. They should never trust it in the first place!