I have to ask everyone about what they think will happen in Clear? I know Morgan in confirmed to reappear and I want to hear everybodies opionion on that, I've heard from almost everywhere that people think he's gone crazy but I don't think that has any merrit. But I also hope he sticks around for a little while. What do you think that Rick, Michonne, and Carl encounter in the town they go into? Do you think Michonne will form more of a friendship with Rick? Do you thinkn we'll learn more about her pre apocolypse, and even post before she found Andrea? In the promo you see someone passing a bullet to another person in front of Carl, what do you think that's about? Do you think there will be a Woodbury or Prison plot to this episode? I'd love to guage opinions on this as I'm currently pulling my hair out waiting for the next episode.