Hey, guys. Dale here and since I'm dead, I like to think "Hmm what would my dream team be?" because my real team didn't keep me alive for a very long time. (IM LOOKING AT YOU, CARL!) So you can only have 10 members (11 including you), and they have to be characters from a zombie apocalypse show, comic, video game, novel etc.

My team:

1. Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead TV Series) - Hunter, he would be the groups hunter and he's tough and has great aim with his crossbow.

2. Francis (Left 4 Dead) - Guard, he would be one of the groups guards, due to him being tough and a ok aim.

3. John Marston (Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare) - Sniper, he is a good aim with a sniper and a tough SOB, so he could be a great sniper if he has a good place to do it.

4. Lee Everett (The Walking Dead Video Game) - Leader of the Guards, he would lead the guards, 1. because he is the toughest one of all and 2. because he knows how to lead (as seen with in the Telltale game).

5. Glenn Rhee (The Walking Dead Comics or TV Series) - Supply runner, a quick, smart and agile survivor who could loot several places and be gone before anyone or anything even knew. 

6. Jesus Monroe (The Walking Dead Comics) - Leader, he would be a good leader, 1, because he is super smart and 2. because he can defend himself extremely well.

7. Tallahasse (Zombieland) - In Charge of the Twinkies, he would defend our twinkies with his life, or eat them all.

8. Michonne (The Walking Dead Comics) - In Charge of Weapons, she would be in charge of the weapon and ammo supplies.

9. Tyreese (The Walking Dead Comics) - Guard, another tough guy with the strength to guard the place from walkers.

10. Denise Cloyd (The Walking Dead Comics) - In Charge of Medical Supplies, she would heal anyone she can and keep the medical supplies safe.

SCREW YOU CARL! And that's my list, post yours in the comments below!