Hey guys, it's Dale again and if you guys didn't see my last blog then you should go check it out, but if you have then keep reading. Btw here's the link to the last blog: http://walkingdead.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:Dale_Horvath/Zombie_Apocalypse_Dream_Team, ok so this is my top 10 survivors that I DO NOT want on my team. Similiar to the dream team, you guys can only choose the top 10 people you absolutley do not want in your team. They also have to be from a zombie franchise like Left 4 Dead or The Walking Dead. Here's my list, in no paticular order:

1. Eliza Morales (The Walking Dead TV Series) - She is rather young and wouldn't be very useful.

2. Louis Morales (The Walking Dead TV Series) - Same with Eliza, he is young and would probably be useless.

3. Judith Grimes (The Waking Dead TV Series or Comics) - Having a baby in a zombie apocalypse is extremely risky, babies cry, always need food, and are just distratcing from actually working to protect the group or do something useful.

4. Sophia Peletier (The Walking Dead TV Series) - As seen in the show, she acts a lot younger then she is and can't protect herself whatsoever, so not exactly a good addition to your group.

5. Kenny Jr. AKA "Duck" (The Walking Dead Game) - He is always trying to do something useful but doesn't seem to ever actually do it, he also got bit rather easy in the game.

6. Abuela (The Walking Dead TV Series) - Having a sickly elderly woman in a apocalypse is not a good idea whatsoever, so definitley not someone I would want on my list.

7. Mr. Gilbert (The Walking Dead TV Series) - Like I said with Abuela, having a elderly person in the apocalypse is a bad idea, also he's asthmatic so that means he needs extra care and an inhaler.

8. The Elderly Patient (The Walking Dead TV Series "Vatos" Deleted Scene) - As with Abuela and Mr. Gilbert, he needed care and was obviousley not able to defend himself.

9. Nearly Every Other Vatos Patient (The Walking Dead TV Series). - Same thing as with Abuela, Gilbert an the deceased elderly patient.

10. The Vatos Chihuahuas (The Walking Dead TV Series) - Small dogs that can be easily eaten.

I know with #9 and #10 I did more then 1 but they can be counted as one character if you want to use them.