Hey guys Jesus here and welcome to my new Opinions On mini-blog-series thing. In our second blog I will be asking your opinions on The Vatos Gang from Season 1 Episode 4, Vatos.

The Vatos Gang

The gang and Rick's group.

My Opinions

The Vatos Gang was only around for one episode but I am still a pretty big fan, Vatos is probably my favorite Season 1 episode due to the gang. Guillermo, their leader, was one of my favorite original characters to the show and I wished he would've stuck around. Miguel and Felipe were interesting aswell. A little trivia about the gang: Travis Love who potrayed Shumpert, Governor's third in command, also portrayed a Vatos member, specifically one of the two members who were holding Glenn on the roof.

Your Opinions

Now its your turn, post your opinions of the gang and its members in the comments below.