Hey guys, Dale here AGAIN! Man, making blogs is fun xD, this time you guys tell me your favorite character from every zombie franchise that you have either played (Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil etc.), read (TWD Comics etc.) or watched (Dawn of the Dead, The Walking Dead etc.). Here are my fave zombie survivors:

Left 4 Dead series: Coach, I haven't played the original L4D but out of L4D2 I like Coach the most. He's a cool loyal guy and can be funny at times too.

The Walking Dead TV series: Dale Horvath (AKA me xD), he is a nice, smart and overall cool survivor. He hasn't lost his humanity and is always trying to get people to keep theirs.

The Walking Dead Comics: Paul "Jesus" Monroe , a strong, badass guy who can get the job done and look awesome while doing it. Plus he can fight off lots of walkers with just his hands and feet.

The Walking Dead Video Game: Lee Everett, a nice, strong and overall caring survivor. He cares for Clementime through the whole game and by the end of the series is easily one of the best zombie survivors of all time.

Zombieland: Tallahasse, a badass, funny and overall tough survivor who gets the job done and loves twinkies. Although I'm glad twinkies didn't go extinct like they are now before the apocalypse.......

Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare: John Marston, a funny, super badass who can kill zombies in so many ways. Also in the original RDR he is shown to be a very nice and nobel family man.

Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie Mode: George Romero, as seen in the DLC Call of the Dead, he is the creator of the modern zombies and Black Ops pays him the proper respect. Plus recruting Sarah Michelle Gellar, Michael Rooker, Robert England and Danny Trejo to star in your movie makes him even more awesome!

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombie Mode: Russman, a funny unprepared survivor who makes the BO2 Zombie mode, more enjoyable.

And that's my list. Post yours in the comments and remember you can use any zombie franchise that you've seen, played or read!