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  • Paul ''Jesus'' Monroe

    Hey guys Jesus back with another fight club. This one is a fight I've wanted to do for a while.

    This is the first fight to feature more than 2 combatants, this fight will have 14 fighters! All the prisoners featured in the comics, show and game. Lee will not be included however because technically he wasn't a prisoner yet.

    Their will actually be no weapons this round because too little of the prisoners were actually seen firing a weapon so it would be pointless.

    Now comment who you want to fight next. The winners of the last fight were Dwight in the hand to hand fight and surprisingly Daryl in the crossbow fight, even though Kirkman said in a crossbow fight Dwight would win but eh fanboys will be fanboys. Voting will end on Januray 29.

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  • Paul ''Jesus'' Monroe

    Hey guys Jesus back here with another fight club! Enjoy.

    The fighters this round will be the crossbow users from the show and comics respectively, as the user Negan suggested, Daryl Dixon and Dwight!

    The weapons for the weapons round will probably guessed it: crossbow!

    Comment down below who you wanna see fight next! Voting ends on Januray 27. Also the winner of the last fights: TV Rick for both categories.

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  • Paul ''Jesus'' Monroe

    Hello guys Jesus here once again to bring you the debut of my new blog series....Fight Club! In this series we pit two (or more) characters from any TWD media in a deathmatch and via poll you guys decide the winner. I will be making a poll about the two fighters hand-to-hand and the two fights with weapons (usually guns however I may host a melee fight once in a while.)

    The fighters this round will be the main protagonist of TWD series, Rick Grimes. We will be pitting him and his television counterpart in a deathmatch!

    The first round is hand to hand however the second round will be fought using guns: TV Rick and his Colt Python vs CS Rick and his standard pistol. Also keep in mind that TV Rick is from Season 3 and Comic Rick is pre-amp.

    Now …

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  • Paul ''Jesus'' Monroe

    Hey guys Jesus here once again with another Opinions blog and this one will be about Sasha, original TV character and younger sister to the one and only Tyreese.

    I think she's interesting and is a definite improvement over Julie. She seems bossy but I can overlook that, so far I like her and I hope she gets better over time.

    Ok and now in the comments below tell me what you think of her.

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  • Paul ''Jesus'' Monroe

    Hey guys Jesus here and welcome to my new Opinions On mini-blog-series thing. In our second blog I will be asking your opinions on The Vatos Gang from Season 1 Episode 4, Vatos.

    The Vatos Gang was only around for one episode but I am still a pretty big fan, Vatos is probably my favorite Season 1 episode due to the gang. Guillermo, their leader, was one of my favorite original characters to the show and I wished he would've stuck around. Miguel and Felipe were interesting aswell. A little trivia about the gang: Travis Love who potrayed Shumpert, Governor's third in command, also portrayed a Vatos member, specifically one of the two members who were holding Glenn on the roof.

    Now its your turn, post your opinions of the gang and its members in…

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