This is my 1st blog post so sorry if its a bit... boring. Sorry for the wrong grammar, English is not my 1st language

Anyways, ever since Morgan said something about dying either by teeth or by guns at "Clear", how would YOU prefer the characters to die? I know, its a bit harsh. Note that this is not a spoiler since it's your choice

  • By teeth/walkers
  • War casualty (guns, bombs, etc.)
  • Natural cause
  • Tyreese'd (takes Tyreese's death on the comics)
  • Dale'd (takes Dale's death on the comics)
  • Glenn'd (takes Glenn's death on the comics)
  • Others (please specify/a more specific death)

Rick: As the leader, I see him dying a noble death either by teeth and by guns. Walkers could attack Carl, he saves him, ends up as walker food, same thing as war

Carl: Well... Natural cause I guess... Ever since Kirkman hinted that he may take over the leader, I can see him as the one who survives the longest

Judith: As much as I want Natural Cause for this one, since she can't even crawl, I see her as walker chow OR the Governor shoots her cradle and the screen goes black w/c hints Baby Judith's death as I've read on a previous blog comment

Glenn: For some reason, I see him taking Dale's death on the comics and not Hershel

Daryl: Tyreese'd, if Abraham comes, Daryl or Tyreese, one has got to go

Carol: Yet another character I REALLY don't want to leave, Carol has been a favorite of mine since season 1 yet I still see her as a character who'll die by walkers (or by war if Rick gets careless or crazy)

Hershel: Walker or Dale'd, walker because, he got his leg chopped off because of one and I see the same thing happening again

Maggie: War casualty. Yeah, she's badass but a bit reckless if you ask me

Beth: Hmm... Ever since her upgrade, I see her now as the 2nd Carol, vulnerable at first, then all of a sudden, Bam! A fan-favorite. Still, I see her the same as Carol, so their doom is the same

Michonne: Well... That's tough, since she can really fend for herself... Natural Cause?

Bob: War casualty, Tyreese'd or Dale'd i guess

Ms. Mcleod: Well... for some reason... this is real sick of me to say but... walker bait, war casualty, Natural Cause, Dale'd, a li'l part/involved in Glenn'd

Caesar: Well... to be precise, I prefer him to die the same way he dies on the comics, Rick shoots him OR its Daryl does the job

Shumpert: If Daryl kills Martinez, then I see Tyreese killin' off Shumpert. Hey, right hands on both side killin' each other

The Governor: As I've read in previous blogs, I want the unexpected death of this character, he either dies by a shot from Carol(Really hoping), Beth (Wow, she upgraded THIS much), Ms. Mcleod (Well... it might happen) or the one where he dies laughing and gets eaten by walkers. Though I would've also preferred, a zombie Penny look-alike bites him and dies of infection or be killed also by the prison group

Karen: I see her taking Jesse's death or a shoot-off w/ the Governor

Tyreese: Tyreese'd, posibble. Glenn'd, also possible. Dale'd, hmm... maybe

Sasha: I agree w/ previous blog posts that she dies in a car explosion