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    Opening Symbol

    June 22, 2013 by Otaku--thon

    This is a bit early to speculate but i want to ask you guys about this.

    In Season 3, they killed a good number of characters, we know that.

    My question is... since SWC, Laurie Holden, and Michael Rooker are out of the picture in the opening credits next season

    if you'd like, who do YOU want to take their place?

    And... What Symbol?

    ex. Rick: his badge

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  • Otaku--thon

    This is my 1st blog post so sorry if its a bit... boring. Sorry for the wrong grammar, English is not my 1st language

    Anyways, ever since Morgan said something about dying either by teeth or by guns at "Clear", how would YOU prefer the characters to die? I know, its a bit harsh. Note that this is not a spoiler since it's your choice

    • By teeth/walkers
    • War casualty (guns, bombs, etc.)
    • Natural cause
    • Tyreese'd (takes Tyreese's death on the comics)
    • Dale'd (takes Dale's death on the comics)
    • Glenn'd (takes Glenn's death on the comics)
    • Others (please specify/a more specific death)

    Rick: As the leader, I see him dying a noble death either by teeth and by guns. Walkers could attack Carl, he saves him, ends up as walker food, same thing as war

    Carl: Well... Nat…

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