Alright so here is my predictions for the deaths of the characters for the t.v series.

Firstly I think that either 3 members of Ricks group will die or only 1 member will die and here's why:

In season 1, 4 members of Rick's group Perished: Amy, Ed, Jim and Jaccui. In season 2, 3 members died: Sophia, Dale and Shane. In season 3, 2 members were killed: T-dog and Lori. This could be indicating some sort of pattern. 4 deaths in season 1, 3 in season 2, and 2 in season 3 which means that in the next season there will be only 1 death. If only one person ends up dying in this season, I'm going to predict that it will be Hershel. There could also be 3 deaths in Rick's group because I consider Andrea to be a member of Rick's group in season 3 considering that if she had survived and managed to escape the Govenor's torture room, she would have gone back with Rick's group however she didn't so this makes it 3 deaths for season 3, 3 for season 2 and then we could also say that there was only 3 deaths in season 1 if we count out Jacqui since she chose to die.

So here is how I think the deaths for the characters will go: (Bear in mind that Iv'e only read the comics up to issue 59)

Season 4:

Sasha: She, Tyreese and Carl will get surrounded by walkers and then she will get devoured while Carl and Tyreese escape.

Hershel: He will be captured by the Govenor and then will be offered to the group if they surrender the prison. Hershel will tell them not to negociate and then Philip will shoot Hershel in the back and let him fall to the ground. After The Govenor and his men are defeated, The group will find Hershel's reanimated body and Tyreese will put him down as nobody else wants to.

Judith: She will be hit in the head with a bullet fired by the Govenor during the final attack on the prison.

Philip: After the Goveneor kills Judith, Martinez and Shumpet and will become shocked and will hold their guns to Philip's head. Philip will say they wouldn't dare shoot their Goveneor. He will then turn to kill Shumpert but before he can, Martinez will shoot the Govenor in the head.

Martinez and Shumpert: After the Govenor's demise and the assualt on the prison is over, Martinez will tell Rick they don't expect Rick to take them in and either way, they prefer to go their own ways. The two men turn around and begin to leave the prison to live their ownlives but are then shot in the back of their heads by Carl who then says that they could have easily come back and killed the group. Rick and the others are shocked at Carl's actions but he believes that nobody can be trusted anymore.

Woodbury citezens: Majority of the citezens will be killed by The Goveneor and his men.

Govenors men: The Goveneor will find many men to help wim attack the prison. They will all be killed by Rick and the others during the attack.

Welll that's my predictions for character deaths in season 4 of the show. What do you guys think?