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  • Oblivion149

    Alright so here is my predictions for the deaths of the characters for the t.v series.

    Firstly I think that either 3 members of Ricks group will die or only 1 member will die and here's why:

    In season 1, 4 members of Rick's group Perished: Amy, Ed, Jim and Jaccui. In season 2, 3 members died: Sophia, Dale and Shane. In season 3, 2 members were killed: T-dog and Lori. This could be indicating some sort of pattern. 4 deaths in season 1, 3 in season 2, and 2 in season 3 which means that in the next season there will be only 1 death. If only one person ends up dying in this season, I'm going to predict that it will be Hershel. There could also be 3 deaths in Rick's group because I consider Andrea to be a member of Rick's group in season 3 consid…

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