I'm mostly just curious here, do we really need a page for every character in the entire series? I mean even one-page guys like minor Woodbury survivors have their own article, and I'm thinking thats it's wholly unnecesary if instead we could just make one page entitled "Minor Characters in The Walking Dead".

Which will include sections for Jeff (Rick's brother), Mrs. Jones, Lacey, Arnold, Rachel & Susie, Shawn, Harold, Eugene (Woodbury), Lilly, all other one-time Woodbury characters, Abraham's family, the highway bandits, the hunters, Derek and his scavengers and unseen and unnamed Alexandria residents.

Billy and Ben could also probably share a page, since they mostly did nothing to differentiate them from each other.

Just a suggestion, since I'm the new guy around these parts I honestly do not expect for my suggestion to carry a lot of weight.