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    I'm mostly just curious here, do we really need a page for every character in the entire series? I mean even one-page guys like minor Woodbury survivors have their own article, and I'm thinking thats it's wholly unnecesary if instead we could just make one page entitled "Minor Characters in The Walking Dead".

    Which will include sections for Jeff (Rick's brother), Mrs. Jones, Lacey, Arnold, Rachel & Susie, Shawn, Harold, Eugene (Woodbury), Lilly, all other one-time Woodbury characters, Abraham's family, the highway bandits, the hunters, Derek and his scavengers and unseen and unnamed Alexandria residents.

    Billy and Ben could also probably share a page, since they mostly did nothing to differentiate them from each other.

    Just a suggestion, since …

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  • NuclearSnowman


    October 6, 2011 by NuclearSnowman

    Alright, I'm not going to lie here, I am pretty new to the wikia community scene. I have been an avid follower of The Walking Dead Wiki for some time and only recently did I decide to join up. However being new I have doubts about my ability to contribute on account of Email set-up issues.

    So besides the obvious fact that I am a fan of The Walking Dead (I like the graphic novels more than the AMC show), I am also on Steam but for now I will not post any links between this Wiki account and my Steam account. Zombies are my favorite horror sub-genre, I adore zombie novels (The Walking Dead, Zombie Survival Guide) movies (Shaun of the Dead) and video games (Left 4 Dead, Dead Island).

    And my favorite survivor is Billy Greene.

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