Hey guys, it is I, the Irish guy.

I'm here to give my guesses/theories about the upcoming season for The Walking Dead.

There are no rules, but be nice to each other.

Civil debate only.

So many of my theories are a bit unthought of in my opinion. But I will share with you them.

1st Theory: Rick and Co. fight in the first episode

It's a no-brainer. I think almost everyone thinks this will happen. But ask yourself this: Why would they fight in the first episode? It'd be a pretty shitty start to a season in my opinion. Just get this: Rick and his friends just hop out of a box car WITHOUT WEAPONS and just try to fight their way through Terminus? Pfft, no, thank you Mr. Gimple. 

2nd Theory: Judith might die?

I thought about this one a lot and said, "This would be the perfect season to do it." We all know/think Terminus is full of cannibals (I'm not saying they'd eat her, just refreshing your mind), but I think once they saw Judith, they'd use her as bait to trap Rick and Co. again...if that happens, of course. Leave how you think Judith might die in the comments below. Also, as soon as Rick got close enough to Gareth, he'd drop Judith on her head, ending up killing/traumatizing her. But that's only if we see Judith at Terminus. Hopefully we will.

3rd Theory: Rick and Co. start working in Terminus to become unsuspicious.

THIS...This would be the smartest thing for them to do so they won't raise suspicions. So Gareth won't have to kill them on the spot. This theory is the only theory I HOPE will happen. It's like a stealth-like way to do things there, even if you're trying to kill the one guy (or many) that threatens you and your family/friends lives. Makes sense, right?

But yeah, that's all I have. Got some theories? Leave them below.

See ya,


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