Hello, Walkers!

As most of you may know, I am NotanIrishGuy aka Brady. Today I bring a blog to you about comic characters that a lot of people favor. This will be multiple parts in the span of only a few weeks.

If you are wondering if this blog idea is being plagiarized from WalkerMaimer, it's not. I asked for his permission to do this and I've been granted. Just for early notice.

Anyways, let's get started!


1. Civil debate or settle it elsewhere.

2. Spoilers are welcome.

3. Get creative!


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First up is Negan.

Why do most people favor him? Well, Negan is a badass and one of the best antagonists in the comic series thus far. Yes, he is a bad guy, but there are things to like about him. 

He's persuasive, a semi-good leader, strict, and knows how to apply barbed wire to a bat. There's a lot more to him that I could name, but I'm not going to.

Negan has worked his way up into my favorite characters and might stay there. What about you? Do you like Negan? If so, provide some reasons.


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Next is Tyreese.

Why not like Tyreese? Tyreese is a great character and one of the very best in my opinion. He's saved the group few times and has broken down just a bit. Tyreese wouldn't hide his anger, he'd blow off some steam with a hammer hitting zombies. 

The sad thing about Tyreese, just two things: He lost his daughter to her DUMBASS boyfriend and most people felt what Tyreese was going through. But his death will be remembered by all. He died at the hands of Brian Blake for the group's temporary safety. Tyreese will be missed.

Do you like Tyreese? If so, provide some reasons.

Brian Blake

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Third is Brian Blake, also known as the Governor in the comics.

I bet most of you are asking why would anyone favor this guy? Well, I could agree with you on that. But Brian Blake is a character who went from scared and anxious to malevolent and eager. His characteristics are one of the many things that caught my attention. He is favored by many people and surprisingly me.

To be murdered at the scene of the prison, it was probably what he deserved after ordering a mother and her newborn (by a few weeks) to be murdered. 

Do you like Brian Blake? If so, provide some reasons.


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Last but not least is Dale.

What can I say? Honestly better than his TV counterpart. This Dale was more protective of his group than the wretched TV Dale. He would've died for anyone, especially Andrea. 

The tainted meat is what led to his death (sorta) but at least his death was humorous. Since he did have his leg-that was bitten-eaten by the gullible cannibals. Dale will be missed.

Do you like Dale? If so, provide some reasons.

That is all for this post, I bid you farewell.

That one Irish Guy (talk) 16:27, September 24, 2014 (UTC)