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  • I live in USA
  • I was born on January 10
  • My occupation is Professional TES don't-know-it-all
  • I am a male of the two genders/sexes.
  • NotanIrishGuy

    As most of you may know, I am NotanIrishGuy aka Brady. Today I bring a blog to you about comic characters that a lot of people favor. This will be multiple parts in the span of only a few weeks.

    If you are wondering if this blog idea is being plagiarized from WalkerMaimer, it's not. I asked for his permission to do this and I've been granted. Just for early notice.

    Anyways, let's get started!


    1. Civil debate or settle it elsewhere.

    2. Spoilers are welcome.

    3. Get creative!

    First up is Negan.

    Why do most people favor him? Well, Negan is a badass and one of the best antagonists in the comic series thus far. Yes, he is a bad guy, but there are things to like about him. 

    He's persuasive, a semi-good leader, strict, and knows how to apply barbed w…

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  • NotanIrishGuy

    Hey guys, it is I, the Irish guy.

    I'm here to give my guesses/theories about the upcoming season for The Walking Dead.

    There are no rules, but be nice to each other.

    Civil debate only.

    So many of my theories are a bit unthought of in my opinion. But I will share with you them.

    1st Theory: Rick and Co. fight in the first episode

    It's a no-brainer. I think almost everyone thinks this will happen. But ask yourself this: Why would they fight in the first episode? It'd be a pretty shitty start to a season in my opinion. Just get this: Rick and his friends just hop out of a box car WITHOUT WEAPONS and just try to fight their way through Terminus? Pfft, no, thank you Mr. Gimple. 

    2nd Theory: Judith might die?

    I thought about this one a lot and said, "Thi…

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  • NotanIrishGuy

    In spite of Issue 125, I decided to make a blog post about the Fate of Negan

    Before I go on, here are some rules:

    1. Opinions are allowed, obviously.

    2. Be nice to each other in the comments, if not, settle it somewhere else.

    3. Spoilers are allowed.

    4. Get creative!

    So, most of us have read Issue 125 by now. Some of us are disappointed, some of us are excited, some of us are neutal. Let us have a moment of silence for the fallen ones.

    RIP Nicholas, he will be missed.

    Anyways, at the end of the issue, Rick slits Negan's throat and responds with one word, "Good.

    Now, most of us think Negan will die from this, a lot of us think not. Let's jump back to Issue 100.

    Is this foreshadowing? Is it just a joke? Whatever it is, IT HAS HAPPENED. 

    Post your tho…

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  • NotanIrishGuy

    Hello Walking Dead fanatics, a number of you know me as Rick Grimes the hairy guy but let me introduce myself.

    My name is Brady, I'm 16 years old and a fellow Walking Dead fan. I have been watching the show since the start of season 3 and caught up just a few months ago with season 1 and 2. I started reading the comics about a month ago and now all caught up with that.

    Enough about the TV show/Comic, I want to tell you a little about myself. What do I do everyday? Well, I don't really do anything interesting except for looking at a laptop screen all day. I occasionally go outside and hang out with some of my friend, a lot. I'm what most would call awkward or annoying, but that's only when I choose to be, I don't really mean to be! 

    My appeara…

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