Hello, I have got another blog post. This is about Rick Grimes vs Lee Everett.

Rick Grimes

Issue 112 Rick 8

Rick Grimes is a Police Deputy from Cynthia Kentucky who is the father of Carl Grimes, and the husband of Lori. After being shot by armed robbers, Rick wakes up and misses the dead becoming reanimated, and his wife and son replacing him with his best friend. He goes to Atlanta using a police car and then a horse, which dies because they inconvieniantly hit downtown during walker rush hour, and after a lot of crazy stuff happens, Rick finds his family, and is unaware that his friend Shane has been nailing his wife. (Come on, Shane!)

Over the time we've known Rick, he's been put under stress, he's been put under stress by things like

  • His son getting shot by Otis, who he is given no choice but to forgive
  • Losing his right hand (Comic Series only)
  • His wife dying and leaving him to raise a child that may not even be his (TV Series only)
  • His wife and child that may not be his dying (Comic Series only)
  • losing every home he gets
  • Seeing hallucinations of his dead wife including hearing her voice over a phone
  • having his son get shot in the eye and almost die (Comic Series only)

In all, Rick shows himself to be a headstrong, natural-born leader who does what he can to help the people around him.

Which version of Rick is better?

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Lee Everett

NoTimeLeft Lee Everett was a professor at the University of Georgia, who got fired, divorced, and arrested for killing his cheating wife's lover, a state senator. While he's dealing with his legal issues, Lee just misses the dead becoming reanimated, his family's drugstore and pharmacy being deserted, and his whole family dying, which he finds out after escaping from a police-car crash, not before he takes responsibility over a small girl named Clementine, who lost her parents after her dad had an "incident" with "some crazy guy" on a vacation in Savannah. Lee takes Clem all around Georgia, from Atlanta, to Macon, finally to Savannah by train. After a lot of drama happens, Lee, Clem and their friends Kenny, the badass redneck, Omid, the likable jokester with a leg infection, Christa, Omid's cranky secretly-pregnant girlfriend, and Ben Paul, the dipshit who is the reason why Kenny's family is dead, plan to leave Savannah by boat, until the day after Omid gets his antibiotics, and they get fuel and a battery from their boat by raiding an abandoned District within Savannah that spent a while as the home of a survival-of-the-fittest master-race, Clementine is kidnapped by some stranger she's been talking to on a radio, and Lee is bitten by a walker. Lee decides to use his remaining time to find the man on the radio and save Clem. during the mission, Lee cuts off his own arm or has it cut off by Christa or Kenny, or just leaves it as it is, accepting his doomed fate. Further in the mission, the boat is stolen, Ben is killed if he isn't deda already and Kenny Christa and Omid are seperated from Lee who presumes Kenny dead. Lee goes to the hotel where Clem's parents were staying, and finds the guy on the radio, who has Clem locked in a closet. Lee either strangles the man to death, or allows Clementine to shoot him in the head. After they get themselves dirty in walker guts, Lee and Clem face the herd who cannot tell them apart from them due to their stink. Lee collapses, and Clem takes him into an abandoned jewlery store, where Lee awakes and confesses to Clementine that he is bitten, and short on time. He gives her some final life advice before fading away into that good night. Good night sweet prince.

Lee's personality is more or less up to the player, but he always shows himself to be an independant, caring leader.

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