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  • NotCrazyZora

    So, in this screenshot, Kenny is shown holding a crowbar, saying "You don't need to see this"

    DISCLAIMER: There are many answers in those polls that I find preposterously unlikely, but I put them there in case someone thinks them, just a message to people commenting on the possible answers I put in there.

    Seems as though he's going to go to town on someone.

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  • NotCrazyZora

    Hello, I have got another blog post. This is about Rick Grimes vs Lee Everett.

    Rick Grimes is a Police Deputy from Cynthia Kentucky who is the father of Carl Grimes, and the husband of Lori. After being shot by armed robbers, Rick wakes up and misses the dead becoming reanimated, and his wife and son replacing him with his best friend. He goes to Atlanta using a police car and then a horse, which dies because they inconvieniantly hit downtown during walker rush hour, and after a lot of crazy stuff happens, Rick finds his family, and is unaware that his friend Shane has been nailing his wife. (Come on, Shane!)

    Over the time we've known Rick, he's been put under stress, he's been put under stress by things like

    • His son getting shot by Otis, who…

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  • NotCrazyZora

    Something I've been wondering about, is now that Rick's been shot with one of Dwights arrows, what do you think will happen?

    A: The Strategy with the Walker guts on the weapons works, and Dwight put guts on his bolts. Result: Rick dies.

    B: The strategy doesn't work. Result: It'll take some effort of cleaning and stitching the wound, but Rick lives.

    C: Dwight, anticipating having to shoot Rick, came into battle without dirtying his bolts. Result: Same as B, but He'll be easier to save.

    Which of the possibilities I listed below do you think will happen? A. Rick Grimes' story is over. B. Rick Grimes' story isn't over. The story needs him. C. Rick Grimes' story isn't over. The story needs him.

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  • NotCrazyZora

    My Walking Dead LP

    January 3, 2014 by NotCrazyZora

    Hi there. I have a Walking Dead LP on YouTube. I'd apreciate it if you checked it out. I'm sorry that the 1st one is right after the Around Every Corner Finale. Playlisting mistake.

    Here's a link to the playlist.


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