The mid-season finale aired two days ago and left many of us excited. There are many reviews on episode 8 so I'm not going to bother making one myself. Instead, I'm gonna tell y'all some theories I have about the rest of the season.

Rick and Carl: I think this'll be almost exactly like in the comics. The only difference from the comics is that Lori didn't die now, so I think Rick will take it a bit easier. They'll probably meet Michonne and finally reunite with everybody else (that are still alive) at the end of the season.

Michonne: she'll survive in the forest for some time before meeting up with Rick/ Carl (similar to the comic). At the end of the season she'll reunite with the surviving group members.

Bob/ Sasha/ Maggie: I think that they'll save Bob but either Sasha or Maggie dies. The two survivors meet the bus and it's either a happy reunion or a sad goodbye (depending on if Sasha or Maggie dies). They'll meet up with the others at the end of the season.

The Bus with Glenn and prison survivors: the bus takes a break and meet Beth and Daryl. Walkers are suddenly attacking the bus and most of the prison survivors are left to die as the bus drives away with only some people in it. They meet up with Bob and Sasha/ Maggie after some time and Glenn becomes happy or sad (depending on if Sasha or Maggie dies). Eventually the bus meets the rest of the survivors.

Daryl and Beth: they run into the forest and Daryl tries to keep Beth safe. They get attacked by walkers and Beth saves them by killing all walkers (as far as they're concerned). Daryl thanks Beth but suddenly a surviving walker shows up and bites Beth in the arm. Daryl chops off her arm but she still bleeds. Fortunately, they see the bus during one of it's breaks. They try to stop Beth's bleeding but walkers are attacking outside the bus. They drive away and meet Bob and Sasha/ Maggie. At the end of the season they reunite with the rest of the survivors.

Tyreese and the children: Tyreese takes care of Mika, Lizzie and Judith (why would Lizzie and Mika run back after saving Ty if they didn't go to get Judith?). They meet Carol after some time and she thanks Ty for what he did. She accidently mentions that she killed Karen though, so Tyreese gets angry. He tries to kill Carol but in the heat of the fight Mika is killed instead. Ty realizes what he's done and regrets it. Carol makes peace with him and the fou of them carry on. They eventually meet the other survivors.

Carol: Carol gets attacked by walkers and is forced to leave the car and all her supplies. After a day in the forest she meets Tyreese, Mika, Lizzie and Judith. She becomes very happy when seeing Lizzie and Mika again and she thanks Tyreese. She also wonders if he's forgiven him for killing Karen and Tyreese screams: "you killed Karen?!". He attacks her and she's almost dead when Mika tries to stop Tyreese. He accidently kills her and stops fightning once he realizes what he's done. He says he's sorry to Carol and Lizzie and they forgive him. After some time they meet the remaining survivors.

Lilly, Tara (and the Governor): there are two possible scenarios here:

1. Tara and Lilly escape the prison and in the forest they mourn the loss of Meghan. It's pretty open here but either one of them dies or both survive. After some time in the forest they meet the prison group and are accepted to join them.

2. Lilly never shot the Governor - she shot a walker behind him. Together with Tara they walk away (and if they make it a real cliffhanger they are seen walking away with Judith). They are not seen again in some seasons but come back after some seasons. (A giant plot twist would be if the show fast-forwarded some years ahead, and Judith thinks she's the Governor's child. When she meet Rick at first she may even try to kill him!) This is a crazy idea but it would be appreciated by me.

Abraham, Rosita and Eugene: they're only seen in the last episode, where they meet the prison group and convinces them to follow them to DC.

Now I'm done trying to guess what will happen. Feel free to comment what you think about this and maybe even write your own theories!