So the battle of Terry just went down, he is probably dead, but probably isn't completely. So we have him be unknown. I agree with this, we don't speculate. Undead vs. Dead has been a status war for a long time. 

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Characters erupt in this war when walkers get to them, and they are left behind because they are not going to be saved. They have masses on them, then we do not see them again. 

They are "dead". I believe that characters who are left behind are undead. I'll be focusing on a specific character's death scenario, being TV Series Patricia. I'll just be lazy and quote the page. Disregard the TV part of the title, the blog covers all mediums, but TV especially.

As Patricia attempted to escape to the car with Lori, Beth, and Carol, a walker grabbed her and bit her on the neck. She was in terrible pain and was being held down by the walker, and was soon grabbed by other walkers who proceeded to bite her on the arm and other areas of her body. She screamed as blood flowed from her neck, meaning she would die anyway of blood loss even if she was pulled away from them, but Beth, who was holding onto her, was not willing to let her go. Lori pulled Beth away and Patricia was then pulled to the ground by the walkers, screaming in agony as she was eaten alive.

Patricia was left for dead. After she was covered by walkers, we never saw her again.

Against and my counters

1) They were completely devoured, there was nothing left to come back. 


Jessie was in a much worse situation than any character to date.

Jessie Anderson was surrounded and eaten during the ASZ Chaos, but she reanimated with barely anything left. I think that is enough reasoning.

2) They are dead anyways. 

There are three basic characteristics of life. If anything can meet these requirements, they are alive. If they cannot, they are not alive or are now dead.

The organism does work.

  • Zombies move, that defines work enough.

The organism consumes energy.

  • Zombies eat, and if they do not eat enough, they become nearly sessile. Based on that, meat allows zombies to continue moving.

The organism interacts and thinks.

  • They are smart enough to follow each other and become a herd, as well as follow noise and smell. That is interaction and intelligence.

So I'd say zombies are most certainly not dead. They were dead, but came back to life, so they are undead.


1) Basically every rule of zombies mentioned in TWD ever

Unless you take a beating to the brain, you come back. You get bit, unless you amputate, you die. Simple.


Lori was already shot in the head, maybe zombies are smart enough to leave someone to reanimate. Why did the walkers not eat Hershel's head? Different scenario here. She was completely dead with no chance of reanimating.


Characters who I think should be changed from Dead

Obviously T-Dog is in the boat of this, but I think he should stay dead. If the prison was cleared out, so was his reanimated self. Basically characters who the survivors left behind and never returned to that area would reanimate. Not ones in a group like Ron Anderson.

So characters that I think should change to Undead are  TV:

  • Patricia, Otis, and Jimmy

Jessie scenario.

  • Ana, Cristopher

Eaten, no damage to brain.

  • Sean

No brain damage.

  • Julio and Mitch

No brain damage, no survivors to put him down.


  • None as of yet.


  • Winston
  • Matthew
  • Beatrice (Determinant)
  • Travis (Determinant)
  • David (Determinant)
Are left behind characters undead?

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Do you think we should have presumed Dead / Undead? *Insert trollface here*

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