This Daryl war is like Team Jacob / Edward. It is so utterly stupid. Both sides are equally annoying. One side who hates him because he is different from the other characters, then the side who threatens to kill Laurie.

"Daryl haters are more annoying than Daryl fanboys is a Cheap comeback" my ass. Daryl haters are incredibly annoying and until they move past this false idea of Daryl being being imperfect they always will be, also hating him for the reason that a ton of people do like him. Maybe they think they like him for the wrong reasons, I don't know. Imagine if the comics were like the current TV adaptation. Then tell me about Daryl.

Then we have the other side, the excessive Daryl lovers. Oh god, the death threat thing was hilariously stupid. There is also the kind who refuse to read the comics due to no Daryl. Then we have the fan girls who sit on the toilet dreaming of losing their virginity to Reedus. Aaand, "If Daryl dies we riot" as if they have a single word in the writing. It is easier to nitpick at this side because the reasons are so obvious.

Overall: You can't win in the Daryl fanbase. If you think so your opinion is wrong.

End of Daryl ranting from me. Everyone keeps giving me great reasons to argue, but this is it from me.

Which side is more annoying?