• Nickst98

    sorry i hit publish by accident on my last blog, but i only had one dissapointment with this episode, da fuck happended to the governer or will we find out, how about you?

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  • Nickst98

    im looking for some money and wanna know a good price for each mint condition first prints a have.

    heres what i got.

    issue 1 micchone special

    issue 103

    issue 6

    issue 7

    issue 9

    issue 10

    issue 11

    issue 12

    issue 13

    issue 14

    issue 15

    issue 18

    issue 21

    issue 27

    issue 28

    issue 31

    issue 98

    issue 100 covers. micchone and rick. rick undead. rick michone and carl. and old lady cover

    issue 101

    issue 1 (script book not acual issue 1)

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  • Nickst98

    proof of glens last name

    September 26, 2012 by Nickst98

    look at this pictures tags


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  • Nickst98


    i posted earlier this month about a novel i would write. here is what i i have made.

    Thanks for reading walkers: volume 1 how it began issue 1 of six!

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  • Nickst98

    hello as in the name i am planning on creating a the walking dead inspired novel. i need some opinions of names for some characters. thank you for your help in my decision.

    main character names.

    • Billy
    • Jimmy
    • John
    • Justin
    • Thomas
    • any other names you can think of.

    Important note, this character is a 15 year old with black hair a little longer than carls in twd, caucasion male, brown eyes.

    main characters girlfriend names.

    • Samantha
    • Julie
    • Jamie
    • Rachel
    • Abby
    • any other names you can think of.

    important note, this is a 15 year old girl with long blonde hair (picture amy), brown eyes and caucasion female.

    • possible character ages 6-10 that tags along with the other two after his/her parents get bit.
    • yes or no?
    • if yes male or female?
    • name?
    • age?
    • if included will play a intereā€¦

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