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  • Nicko756

    Top 10 TWD Issues

    July 19, 2016 by Nicko756

    Hello all. In this blog, I'm going to be counting down my top 10 favorite issues of The Walking Dead. This is my first major blog I've written on this wiki, so please bare with me. Feel free to list your top 10 issues in the comments.

    Issue 127 marked a new era in the TWD. I really enjoyed the introduction of Magna and her group. I also liked how Jesus' group was able to successfully lure the herd of walkers away with ease. This issue shows how far TWD has come, for both the characters and the franchise itself. That reason alone gives Issue 127 a rightful spot in my top 10 list.

    The final climax of All Out War. It was interesting to see Negan actually agree with Rick's proposal. And that ending! Definitely did not see that coming. We also say…

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  • Nicko756

    Should we add an "infected" or "bitten" status for people who are bitten a zombie, but has not turned yet. One example is Denise Cloyd. This status will not refer to people who has successfully amputated the leg or arm and survived. This is what I think it should look like.

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