The blog title says spoilers so don't blame me for this post.

Anyway, I finished playing the DLC (great btw) and during Shel's story, Boyd and Clive are present. Now, back during season 1 yes, Boyd and Clive were part of Vernon's group. I can't remember if they called Boyd or Clive by their names but their wiki pages have seem to suggest that they were - Thing is, in Shel's episode -

Boyd is now referred to as Clive -


Originally Boyd, now Clive

And Clive is now referred to as Boyd -

400D Clive Box

Originally Clive, now Boyd

Now in case I just completely confused you, in Shel's episode,

Boyd (the first/top picture), is called Clive yet his wiki page is under the name of Boyd.

Clive (the second/bottom picture), is called Boyd yet his wiki page is under the name of Clive.

Like I said I can't remember if in Season 1 that these two were ever DIRECTLY referred to as their names, but it looks like someone edited their wiki pages anyway and may have got them mixed up. Do their pages need to be changed or what? I honestly can't be bothered confirming if Clive was called Boyd or Boyd was called Clive in Season 1, but it is clear in Shel's episode that they were called by their respective names.