I've created about 5 topics in the past 3 weeks I've been here, yet people keep creating the same topic because they're too, well, "dumb" to actually check what's already been made. Everytime I comment and state I've already made a similar page, I usually get a smart ass comment :P Most recent topic I've made was for the 4th promo of the second half of season 3 which I made 2 days ago when it was released with crappy quality (although I've been updating ever since - today I find that two OTHER pages were made about it -

Firstly here's the page I made (like I said, created 2 days ago) - User blog:Nick Boone/NEW PROMO

Now the others -

One created today- User blog:TeeDiee/The new promo in HD

Another one created today (same bloody title too) - User blog:Oppa0/NEW PROMO

There needs to be a better listing of the topics - do we really want 3 pages to talk about this promo? Don't get me wrong, this isn't a big deal but I do think a better listing of the pages/topics would be better. Thoughts?