Last month (December), some asshole released fake episode titles along with fake summaries (doesn't include episode 9, 10 or 11 as they were already confirmed) - recently as everyone knows, the OFFICIAL episode titles were released. I've noticed on this wiki that someone has 'merged' the fake summaries and official titles together... Somebody needs to fix it. I tried removing the summaries but someone keeps on putting them back and it's getting annoying. Seriously, how can anyone believe those poorly written BS summaries -

Episode 12 -

Rick has found his lost friend and is forced to make a decision that could change his life. Andrea grows suspicious of the Governors plans.

Episode 13 -

After making a tough decision, Rick has arrived back at the prison, and someone in the group is missing. The Governor plans to attack the Prison.

Episode 14 -

The Governor attacks the prison, a big battle starts. Rick is seriously injured. Daryl must make a decision.

Episode 15 -

Rick is betrayed. Andrea and Michonne are once again reunited. The Governor confronts Rick and Glenn to tell them where Andrea is.

Episode 16 -

Rick has escaped with Martinez and figures out someone in the group has been tricking them. Someone in the group commits suicide and Rick blames Tyreese for the cause.

- How can anyone believe this BS? First of all, it looks so sloppy as if a child wrote them. Secondly, why would these "summaries" spoil an episode? Why would you mention a suicide in an episode summary? Someone please permanently take these summaries down. Even if they were true (which they obviously aren't) they haven't been confirmed so they shouldn't be up in the first place :P