I for one think Ben is awesome. He is one of my favorite characters. Some people hated him for his actions in Long Road Ahead and the hatchet in Crawford in Around Every Corner, but I foind him a great character with a unique personality and a very realistic one as well. So here are all the reasons that people should like Ben and save him instead of drop him from the tower.

1. Clementine liked him. She was a good friend of his. They were both kids. (technically) She stood up for him in Crawford, saying he was her friend and they don't leave friends behind. THat convinced Christa to keep Ben. Ben watched her often after Kat's death. So did Christa. Ben was one of Clem's best friends. Also, when coming back from Crawford, the first thing on Omid's mind is Ben, whether where he is, or why he's so shaken up. This shows that Omid cares about Ben, Clem's friend.

2. He was a useful survivor. He picked up Lee's gun when he dropped it. Ben found Clem some stickers that helped cheer her up. Ben was the one who told them about the whole "kill the brain" thing. Ben provided some help when he could provide it. He might come with you to find Clem so he can prove he doesn't mess stuff up.

3. The real story behind the bandit deal. People say that Ben made a bad mistake about the deal with the bandits, but here is some information that might make you reconsider that. The deal made the bandits wait in silence instead of sneak inside the motel at night and kill them like Kenny said. Think of all the things that could of happened if Ben didn't keep the bandits off. They might have killed them instead of holding them up for the supplies. Also, Ben said thee bandits lied and said they had his friend and when he realized they were lying, they forced him to continue doing it or they would kill the group. So take that under consideration.

4. Ben has been through a lot. He faced the deaths of his classmates, Travis, and David. Like he said, he never made it home so he doesn't know how they are. At least Kenny got to say goodbye.Lee got bit, Clem got kidnapped, and Omid got injured. Think of how Ben felt during all of this.

5. Ben was a comic relief character like Omid. Whether it was his childish personality, his treatment of the other survivors, or his dialogue. Ben, like Omid, was a funny character.

So there, these are some reasons Ben is a great guy and more people shouls like them.