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  • Nick916

    Well, I know it's last minute, but I wanted to talk a bit about Carver's camp before the episode comes out. I yhink it might be good and here is my evidence claiming it.

    1. Bonnie was there, this shows that this is Tavia's community from 400 Days, we all thought that community had a secret, and it's the hatred toward Luke's group. So Vince and Becca have nothing to worry about.

    2.Carver's speech from the end of the episode teaser. He said they could forgive the group, if he means it, or at least Bonnie means it, we can respect his rules a little before freaking out.

    3. Regi and Bonnie. Bonnie seemed to be a bit forgiving in that same trailer, during that same clip, so she might be friendly. And from what we know about Regi, he says the camp i…

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  • Nick916

    Is it possible that Carver is going to be what we thought The Governor would be in Dead Weight and Live Bait, a changed man? He obviously doesn't want Rebecca dead, and he at least is giving them a chance intheir camp instead of leaving the ones he doesn't want, like Kenny or Sarita. I might be wrong, but let's wait and see. He said that a storm's coming and he looked at Clem, so could they team up to fight the walkers? Could we have one community leader that can turn around? I guess we'll find out in 2 months. If I'm wrong, don't hate me or this blog, it's just a theory.

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  • Nick916

    Main Page Changes

    March 9, 2014 by Nick916

    So, I noticed that someone added the Video Game Characters to the main page characters list, which was long overdue. I'd like to talk about that and the TV characters. Since Nick and Alvin have optional deaths, they should stay until they die without another option, like Walter or Matthew or Omid. Also, after some of them die, they should be replaced with anybody else that is important, like Troy if he starts talking. Also, even though Christa probably won't be seen right away, she does play an important role in Season 2, so she should stay. Also, someone needs to update the TV characters to Season 4B, so no Governer or Hershel, just Abraham, and Rosita. Someone volunteer for that.

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  • Nick916

    I for one think Ben is awesome. He is one of my favorite characters. Some people hated him for his actions in Long Road Ahead and the hatchet in Crawford in Around Every Corner, but I foind him a great character with a unique personality and a very realistic one as well. So here are all the reasons that people should like Ben and save him instead of drop him from the tower.

    1. Clementine liked him. She was a good friend of his. They were both kids. (technically) She stood up for him in Crawford, saying he was her friend and they don't leave friends behind. THat convinced Christa to keep Ben. Ben watched her often after Kat's death. So did Christa. Ben was one of Clem's best friends. Also, when coming back from Crawford, the first thing on O…

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