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  • NeverToWalkAlone

    Right this just struck me, Paul looks like Jesus yeah? Well so does a certain footballer called Georgios Samaras. Well the two look extremely similar, look for yourselves.

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  • NeverToWalkAlone

    Liz and Carl?

    October 15, 2013 by NeverToWalkAlone

    At one point I do remember someone mentioned, or Chandler Riggs mentioned that he Carl might have a girlfriend. Do you think Lizzie might be his girlfriend? Personally Carl acted like a little shite to her so I doubt it but it'll be interesting to hear what you's think.

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  • NeverToWalkAlone

    So we all know that the Tv series has took a completely different track from the comics so I want to know what you guys think will hapen to the Prison.

    Personally I think it will take the place of the Alexandria Safe-Zone and they will try to rebuild or seal the prisons weak spots. I think they will also expand further into the prison and eventually grow with more people. Then of course Zombies get in they rebuild blah blah.

    But what specificly do you think will hapen to the prison and who will join them?

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  • NeverToWalkAlone

    Well guys there are a lot of differences in the two series. Most of all deaths. Just curious who do you think will replace the dead characters who remain alive in the comic books and who would you like to see from the comic's to appear in season 4.

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