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    I don't usually make blog post, but considering the news that came today I thought it was necessary. As some of you may know Kirkman does other graphic novels outside of the Walking Dead such as Invincible and his newest creation Outcast. Now, this news of Kirkman ending a story may come as a bit of a shock considering the moniker for his stories is that they never end, but based upon the first quote of the article and all the other things he's currently doing like the show and his other mentioned works it may be safe to say that he's tired of Invincible and doesn't have the time for it anymore. Plus, he has done short comic series such as Battle Pope, so, for him to end things isn't new to me. With that being said I emphatically insist th…

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  • Negan TWD

    Hey guys, been awhile since I made a blog, so let's get down to it. So, as the title suggest they're multiple problems that I have with Season 2 many of which have hindered it to the point where it doesn't even hold a candle to Season 1. These issues will be put in bold and discussed in paragraph form below.

    Each episode of Season 2 that was presented to us had a plot of its own rather than a plot that encompasses all the episodes of the season. A central plot is key to a strong foundation to a story it serves as the bedrock that prevents plot points from being illogical to the world and keeps things organized. The only thing that's closest to a central plotline, in Season 2, is trust. This choice in plotline isn't very significant in Seaso…

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  • Negan TWD

    Hey all I've been roaming around this wiki since its creation as an anon or an account holder. I've seen this wiki grow and become probably the best main source for anything that pertains to The Walking Dead.

    But, I believe that there is a particular problem with the statuses that needs to be changed. The deletion of the presumed dead status. This status causes more harm than good and heres why.

    Before I begin let us ask ourselves one question. Is TWD wiki, a foundation of facts or speculation? Well pretty much all of you will say it's a wiki of facts, which is correct it is. This sight is covered in facts from statuses, numbers, and statistics, but the presumed dead status kicks this foundation right in the balls. This status is like a bann…

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