Last time on the walking dead issue 116, Rick's plan comes into play. whats the plan? shoot all the windows in the sanctuary to attract the hoard. Then drive a car through the fence in order to allow the hoard into the sanctuary and trap Negan and his men.

Oh but wait! Who will be the one to drive the car and selflessly sacrifice themselves for the plan? Well rick is up to the job because he believe Negan won't kill him. But before the he gets the chance, Holly does the job instead (more for her own selfish reason). pretty "noble" of her righ...?

There's just one thing that bothers me about this plan.

If Rick REALLY thought about this plan, he would have known that NO ONE needed to drive the car. all rick would have needed to do would be the aim the car beforehand in the direction that would go through the fence. then when the time came, all Rick needed to do would be to put some sort of heavy object (Like a rock or something) on the gas peadle and the car would speed into the Sanctuary's deffence with no one in the vehicle.

I know this isnt a big deal and the comics are amazing and all. But if Rick really thought about this plan he would have known that no one would have to sacrifice themselves.

anyway, leave a comment and tell me if you agree. There were surely enough rocks around or some heavy object the could have used.