"I hope you have your shitting pants on"


This issue opens up right where we left off in issue 115 with gregory's betrayal. only to find out it's not as effective as Negan thinks, with only eight hilltop members fleeing the scene (Including Kal. that coward).

The first shot is made and we lose a poor redshirt. Rick gets everyone into cover and the ALL OUT WAR officially begins!

Rick's plan is put into play. The survivors shoot out the windows in the sanctuary in order to make enough noise to draw a whole lot of walkers upon the sanctuary and trap Negan and his men inside.

Now Rick's next plan is to get everyone out of the "walker wave" coming towards them. instead we have Holly jump the gun an disobey Rick's orders in a stupid attempt to get her ex-lover's killer (Which is completely understandable. but stupid...).

Holly rams a car through the fences and into the sanctuary. only to screw up and almost get killed by a walker if it wasnt for Negan's rescue (Which to be honest, i'd rather get killed by the walker than have to endure what Negan has planned.)

Then finally we have Rick tell everyone not to get excited. For the war has just begun!

Overall. I liked this issue. however, it seemed like it went by really really fast. i think it took me about 3 minutes to read this whole issue. thank god for the bi-weekly run. it's not the comic's fault for this, this is just the only way the things could be set up for its 22 pages. 

The only problem i had with the art in this issue is the 2 page shot of everyone shooting. why? because of Jesus' gun. everything else is fine. but look at how long the barrel of the gun is! it's as long as a barrel for a sniper! it just looks really awkward.

116 2 page


(I know you can't see it in this small picture, but look at the page in your copy of TWD 116 and you'll see what i mean)

Anyway comment on what you thought about the issue. did you like it? feedback is always appreciated! thanks!