Hey all, Just picked up the walking dead issue 115 (and the 14 other walking dead things that came out today. including the 10 connecting covers, the random other cover, the tyreese special, and walking dead issue 1 in color. MY WALET IS OFICIALLY EMPTY :( ).

So lets start the review.


I'll start of by saying at first, I did not care for this issue. I was in the mindset of "War,War,War!". But after letting everything digest, I really enjoied and appreciated this issue for what it was, The opening to the most intense arc we have ever seen in the walking dead history.

The whole issue is really well played out. we spend the majority of the issue focusing on our heroes getting ready for war. including Rick being nervous about everything, Michonne and Ezekiel agreeing what they have is not special (...Yet), Shiva taking a shit in michonnes tub, Euegen realising what he is doing is the right in terms of producing bullets, Carl being the unofficial official "Alexandria leader", and much much more in terms of what might be the LAST quiet scenes of some of our favorite characters, you can tell EVERYONE has butterflies in their stomaches.

It ends in a way that that isnt so shocking or devistating. We get an intense conversation between Rick and Negan, where Rick clearly states that if they dont surrender, shit will go down and Rick's group WILL kill the innocent on Negans side to end this (which is fine by me. "Whatever happens happens"). Then we learn that Negan has Gregory hostage and is telling everyone to leave and continue to bow down to Negan or they will suffer. this didnt surprise me because we all kind of knew Gregory would be involved in a way that makes him turn against Rick. Plus, I couldnt care less if Gregory died. he's a coward.

Also, I really liked the Inking Stefano Gaudiano did in this issue. it works well and for some odd reason really reminds me of how the walking dead looked in the early days (Look at the backrounds in volume 5 and 6 and then look at the backgrounds in this issue...look kind of similar, hu? well, at least thats what I think)

All in all, this was a satisfying issue and i really enjoied the way everything is set up.

Cant wait for issue 116!

As always, comments and feedback is appreciated! Thanks for reading!