Hey all, with the ALL OUT WAR coming up, we are sure to get plenty of deaths in the arc. And since Negan's men are ruthless thugs, this would be the perfect time to pull off some extreme deaths. like nothing we've ever seen before! I have a couple in mind!

THE WEAPONS WE SAW IN THE "SOMETHING TO FEAR" COVERS: imagine how gruesome it'd be to see michonne cut down by a chainsaw or Andrea crippled by a sledgehammer O.O ! ever since the something to fear covers came out, I have been excited to see those weapons in use! lets be honest, even though it IS realistic, it'd be pretty boring to just see our characters guned down again Prison Assault style.

Anyway, tell me what you think? Are there any unique or interesting ways you'd like to see a character die? as always, feedback is appreciated! thanks for reading!