Hey all, with the all out war arc in motion, we are sure to lose a lot of characters. But is that necesarrily a bad thing? After all, we may end up losing some characters we were not too fond of. So here is my list on who my least favorite characters are in the comic that are still alive!:

Gregory: Creepy, always hitting on girls, acting like he made the hilltop with his own two hands. plus, he was made out to be a scumbag from the start (Not rememberingg ricks name even though rick literally just told him, not realizing rick was missing a HAND, and constantly complaining about when he was stabbed). However, i almost WANT to see him survive. I cant help but feel sorry for him whenever i see that scared look on his face. That doesnt make him any less of a scumbag though.

Heath: I just don't like him. I get a bad vibe off him. Like Kirkman wants him to be "Glenn2.0"

Andrea: There are times where I like her, then I dont like her. I'll be the first to admit she's a badass, But she always seems to come across me as having a bitchy adittude. go back and read some of the stuff she says (examples: Issue 97, Issue 102, Issue 103). She always has to give us her opinion, which i dont mind, if she didnt come off as such an asshole. But she is cool. I wont deny that.

Holly:She's the reason Abe and Rosita broke up. I absolutely hate infadellity. There's no redemption for that in my opinion.

Olivia: There's a reason Alexandria safe zone is low on food. just kidding. In all seriousness, she has a job that could be done by anybody (Even sophia). It seems like we could find another 18 Olivias in the hilltop.

Denise: Yes, she is usefull. but i dont like her character. she just pisses me off whenever she says something.

Keep in mind this is my opinion. And i know i didnt give enough reasoning for some characters but believe me, I'm not mindlessly selecting characters to not like for the sake of the list. I have felt this way about these characters from the start and have my own reasoning for not liking them.

Anyway, do you agree with me? comments and feedback are appreciated! Tell me your list!

thanks for reading!.