Hey all, This is my first blog on the wiki! However, i've been on this sight everyday and have been reading just about every blog for the past two years and thought i should stop being lazy and just join.

Now on to my first blog.

I've been havin a problem with carl in the last volume. He didnt do anything wrong, but i cant help but notice a couple problems...

First: The time span between issue 105 to issue 108 has to be at least a week, two weeks at the most. in that time, carl's hair grew long enough for him to hide his "exposed skull". This is practically impossible unless carl has been hiding a stash of that generic "grow hair quick" shampoo you see in cartoons.

Second: Why hasnt carl been bandaging up his eye? I mean, it's clear how easily it can get infected! all it takes is a windy day with some dust blowing into his eye for him to be in what i would imagine serious pain. I really hope he didnt stop bandaging it up because Negan told him it looked cool. Why would Carl care about what Negan thought? He absolutely hates Negan.

Anyway, sorry if this has been discussed on another blog already. once again, I love the walking dead. This is just one thing that bothers me a bunch. Feel free to tell me what you think! All replies are greatly appreciated!