Hey all. just a quick blog about a possible theory. now we all know Robert Kirkman said Rick's fate will be "The Unthinkable". Well everyone has given their theory and so far they have been solid. however, maybe we arent given robert kirkman enough credit. maybe his fate will be this:

The arrow sticking out of rick is not mucked with walker blood, like dwight intended, as dwight wants rick to live. rick's group however, does not know dwight's plan and truely believes he's infected. Rick states that he doesnt want to turn into a walker. so we spend the next issue with rick saying goodbye to all his friends, andrea and finally carl. then someone puts rick down like he wanted to prevent him from turning. now everyone will be after dwight , believing he meant to infect rick. when dwight arrives to rick's group at the end, they will all attack and kill dwight much to his surprise.

That is what i believe to be the ending rick's saga. i think that's truley an "unthinkable" ending to him. as he didnt have to die and only dwight and the readers knew it. the dramatic irony of a truley unnecissary death to our main character would be the perfect way to go.

as always, please comment and tell me what you think of my theory. thanks for reading :)