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  • NeganGrimes

    Wow! Here it is guys. Issue 126 first page. well right off the bat, the last panel will have me guessing for more tomorrow. Is the knife contaminated? Negan seems pretty unphased by his recent wounds. and im not too fond on Rick's cocky smile. Did he really think i'd go donw THIS easily...

    Just kidding. All jokes aside, cant wait for issue 126, tell me what you want to happen on the SECOND page of 126. Thanks for reading guys.

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  • NeganGrimes

    Hey all. just a quick blog about a possible theory. now we all know Robert Kirkman said Rick's fate will be "The Unthinkable". Well everyone has given their theory and so far they have been solid. however, maybe we arent given robert kirkman enough credit. maybe his fate will be this:

    The arrow sticking out of rick is not mucked with walker blood, like dwight intended, as dwight wants rick to live. rick's group however, does not know dwight's plan and truely believes he's infected. Rick states that he doesnt want to turn into a walker. so we spend the next issue with rick saying goodbye to all his friends, andrea and finally carl. then someone puts rick down like he wanted to prevent him from turning. now everyone will be after dwight , bel…

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  • NeganGrimes

    Cutting Room Floor?

    December 19, 2013 by NeganGrimes

    Hey all, i'm not sure if this has been asked yet, but what happened with the Walking Dead: Cutting Room Floor? it has been postponed several times and i'm really curious as to what will happen with it. has it been canceled all together? I was really looking forward to reading this as i love fun facts about the walking dead and this book would have supplied us with a ton of "this almost happened" information. Anyone?

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  • NeganGrimes

    Last time on the walking dead issue 116, Rick's plan comes into play. whats the plan? shoot all the windows in the sanctuary to attract the hoard. Then drive a car through the fence in order to allow the hoard into the sanctuary and trap Negan and his men.

    Oh but wait! Who will be the one to drive the car and selflessly sacrifice themselves for the plan? Well rick is up to the job because he believe Negan won't kill him. But before the he gets the chance, Holly does the job instead (more for her own selfish reason). pretty "noble" of her righ...?

    There's just one thing that bothers me about this plan.

    If Rick REALLY thought about this plan, he would have known that NO ONE needed to drive the car. all rick would have needed to do would be the …

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  • NeganGrimes

    Issue 116 Review

    November 14, 2013 by NeganGrimes

    "I hope you have your shitting pants on"

    This issue opens up right where we left off in issue 115 with gregory's betrayal. only to find out it's not as effective as Negan thinks, with only eight hilltop members fleeing the scene (Including Kal. that coward).

    The first shot is made and we lose a poor redshirt. Rick gets everyone into cover and the ALL OUT WAR officially begins!

    Rick's plan is put into play. The survivors shoot out the windows in the sanctuary in order to make enough noise to draw a whole lot of walkers upon the sanctuary and trap Negan and his men inside.

    Now Rick's next plan is to get everyone out of the "walker wave" coming towards them. instead we have Holly jump the gun an disobey Rick's orders in a stupid attempt to get he…

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