So we know what's going on with the first episode of The Walking Dead Season 2... but what happens next? The preview of the episode two, A House Divided... actually looks very interesting! The only thing that shocks me with this preview trailer is the quote... "I thought you were dead?" -spoken by Clem. That got me into thinking, who could it be.. I finally made a list of the characters and it may be one of them or a new character appearance.

Take a look at the preview trailer and a list of characters in the gallery first before we can discuss it.

The Walking Dead Season Two Walkthrough - Episode 2 A House Divided - Preview Trailer01:00

The Walking Dead Season Two Walkthrough - Episode 2 A House Divided - Preview Trailer

TWD Season 2 - Episode 2 Preview Trailer

I know all of you are gonna wonder... "Who the hell is Adam?" "But he's gone missing?" But that could be possibility.

MAYBE the person Clemintine is referring to when she says "I thought you were dead" is the Stranger's son, Adam (The stranger is the guy who kidnapped Clementine in season 1 episode 5).

He never learns about his son's fate, but assumes he is dead after he lost him in the forest. The Stranger probably told Clementine all about his son and his family, showed her photographs, etc.

She seems to be looking at someone of her eye level and height.

Who knows? We really don't know what was exchanged between him and Clem. I still have a strong belief that the person is Kenny (Maybe Christa).

But the Stranger's son, Adam... is another possibility in my mind.

What do you guys think?

Which character?

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