Howdy, muthafuckin' dick suck cunt fucking fuck fuckity fuck fucker fucking fuck fuckers! *hyperventilates* ...Negan's here and welcome to the blog of The Walking Dead Comic Series - Issue 126, the last issue of AOW: Part Two. Right now, we have only two issues away 'till the end. So my question is, who is going survive...and who isn't?

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The reason why I'm creating this blog is because I'd like to see other people's thoughts on which character is going to die...and the others isn't.

312px-Issue 126 cover

"The Conclusion."

Rick Grimes

The protagonist and also the "heart of The Walking Dead Comics". The Comic Series is meant to follow his life for the approximate 300 issue run since issue 1, he has been injured a few times and was believed to be dead by many people.

Rick has been in unconscious several times:

  • He got shot by the criminal in the first issue which led him to coma.
  • Had a fight with Tyreese...passed out again.
  • Got his hand chopped off by The Governor...and passed out.
  • Got himself shot in the side of the stomach by one of Woodbury's residents...leaving him unconscious again.
  • Got very sick after the Prison Assault...passed out again.
  • Many issues later, he passed out again after the Alexandria-Safe Zone Assault with Negan and The Saviors.

Boy, he must be going through hard times...but whatcha' know? He's Rick Grimes. But after getting shot in the body by Dwight... does that mean it's the end of Rick? We will find the answer in Issue 124, which will reveal "Rick's Final Fate".


Rick. Already knows what Dwight is up to.

My opinion: It's hard to see the comic series moving on without him...and I'm sure Dwight didn't "muck" his bolts... The preview panel looks like Rick already knew what Dwight was up to - it's gunna be hard for Dwight to regain Rick's trust again...even if he didn't muck his bolts, Rick still looks pissed as hell.

Will Rick Die In All Out War?

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The only character who means a lot to the protagonist of the comic series. Without him, Rick would've probably had killed himself. I didn't like Carl because of his attitude and acting like a brat...but he has an interesting character development. During All Out War, he is seen fighting off The Saviors with Andrea in the mansion - it looks like he's pretty safe for now.


Carl. Shooting The Saviors with Andrea.

My opinion: Not sure what's going to happen to him...if he dies, Rick would have nothing to live on his own life without his only son.

Will Carl Die In All Out War?

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She has some good development and is getting more focus lately in the story, even she has amazing sniper skills. She appears in the issues more than other characters, besides Rick and Carl. She is seen fighting off The Saviors with Carl in the mansion - it looks like she's pretty safe for now. Hopefully she'll keep her head down if The Saviors is shooting back at her.


Andrea. Shooting at The Saviors.

My opinion: I'm not really a fan of her...but I DO like her though. I'm sure if her death would affect Rick or Carl. I had another stupid idea about the unknown girl on the issue 127's cover...could be Rick's new love interest xD Yeah yeah, it's stupid.. I know that.

Will Andrea Die In All Out War?

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The wife of fans favourite character, Glenn... just became the new Hilltop's leader. She's hoping that anyone would kill Negan to avenge Glenn's death. Andrea led her inside the manison, which means she's not allowed to fight because of her unborn baby. Some fans believe that she'll be one to hold Lucille and decide Negan's fate.


Maggie. Getting to safe place.

My opinion: She's really an interesting character...and I hope she'll survive in some way. But another crazy idea and it's just an speculation - She'll be holding front of Negan. She explains her hatred and says what she is about to do is for Glenn. As she holds up Lucille to smash Negan in the head. Negan pulls out a concealed knife and stabs her with a knife in the belly. Killing the unborn child and Maggie. That would be fucking plot twist, but I don't think that'll happen.

Will Maggie Die In All Out War?

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An effective and crucial defender of the survivors who can slice off the muthafuckin' heads off with her katana sword. Despite her experiences, Michonne has proven her worth to the group; not only in her practical skills with her katana, but her constant participation in moving the survivors forward and keeping the group safe. Right now in the AOW battle, the last time we saw is that she took one of Ezekiel's men named "Marcus" to Dr. Carson for a lil' heal-up. Some of the fans believes that she'll be the one to meet her demise very soon, according to issue 126's cover. We still haven't found out who's "this person" that Michonne is having a fist-fight with.


Michonne. Taking the man inside the mansion, leaving Zeke behind.

My opinion: Yyyeah, I believe she'll be the one to die in the battle. That's all I can say :/

Will Michonne Die In All Out War?

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Paul "Jesus" Monroe

An another interesting character in the comics who is well-respected and Rick's right-hand man. Paul is also a very good hand to hand combatant. He uses his skills to dispatch zombies with ease and deal with hostile threats easily. Paul is a quick thinker and a great tactician, despite being a loyal ally. He will be appearing in issue 124 - as the preview below is shown. It's probably one of the Saviors that Jesus is kicking. A few fans believes that he will die, according to issue 125's cover. Will he make it out alive?


Jesus fighting off one of the Saviors.

My opinion: All I can say is that Jesus is a really good character, he did his best to help everyone in Hilltop. When I saw the cover of himself fighting against The Herd...I was kinda bit surprised, but hopefully it's another Kirkman's trick.

Will Jesus Die In All Out War?

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The self-proclaimed "King" of a community called 'The Kingdom' and also Michonne's love partner. He is last seen fighting off The Saviors while Michonne is taking Marcus to the mansion (Marcus is already infected, since one of The Saviors had mucked his knife before stabbing). Will Ezekiel meet his demise during All War Out?


Zeke. Fighting off The Saviors while Michonne is carrying Marcus inside.

My opinion: Zeke is one of my favourite characters and I sure damn he isn't going to die... if Michonne going to die, I hope that doesn't go the same for Zeke as well. He's more like a "male version of Michonne"...and a possible replacement.

Will Zeke Die In All Out War?

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A character who just recently lost his own leg and a girlfriend, Denise. He couldn't stop grieving over Denise's death while the battle is going on. The last time we saw him was in issue 122 at the mansion with Dr. Carson.


Heath. Getting his wounds wrapped up in bandages by Dr. Carson. 

My opinion: No idea. 

Will Heath Die In All Out War?

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A character who got kidnapped by Negan and The Saviors as a prisoner. He was freed later on by Carson who is helping him and his group from The Saviors. The last time we saw him is that his group is planning to escape The Sanctuary. It's possible that he will appear in Issue 124.


Eugene. Just about to make an escape with Carson, Mark, Amber and the others. 

My opinion: I think they'll arrive by the time when All Out War ends, so I'm sure they'll be fine...unless if someone gets in their way. >_>

Will Eugene Die In All Out War?

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A character who was Abe's ex-girlfriend before his death. It is unknown how she felt about Eugene being kidnapped by Negan and The Saviors. Olivia tells her not to be ashamed of liking Eugene, adding that they are not in high school and it won't ruin her reputation by "liking the fat guy." She told Olivia to leave her alone. She is last seen fighting off against The Saviors.


Rosita. Fighting it off against The Saviors. 

My opinion: Wonder if Rosita will get a chance to stay alive before she can see Eugene? It'd be a surprising moment if they're going to reunite again... Not sure if it's awkward to think that a good-looking having a relationship with a "fat man". :P

Will Rosita Die In All Out War?

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The leader of The Saviors. He is something of the polar opposite to Rick. While Rick has killed to survive, Negan kills to assert his group's stance as the dominant power in the post-apocalypse, which he refers to as "The New World Order".

  • Negan kills Glenn. Negan - 1. Rick - 0.
  • Negan manages to collect Alexandria-Safe Zone supplies. Negan - 2. Rick - 0.
  • Carl kills a few of The Saviors. Negan - 2. Rick - 1.
  • Negan brings Carl back to Rick safely...after getting beat up by Rick. Negan fights back. Negan 2. Rick. 1 (TIE!)
  • Rick and the group kills a few of Negan's men after the trade. Negan - 2. Rick - 2.
  • Rick and the group gets shot in the hands/arms by The Saviors (snipers). Negan - 3. Rick - 2.
  • Paul saves Rick's group by kicking Negan's ass. Negan - 3. Rick - 2. Paul - 1. =P
  • Rick's group attacks The Sanctuary. Negan - 3. Rick - 3. Paul - 1.
  • Negan's group attacks Alexandria-Safe Zone. Negan - 4. Rick - 3. Paul - 1.

Does that mean Negan will win All War Out battle? Or is the Hilltop going to be his grave?


Negan. Believes that he will win the war.

My opinion: Please don't mind about my username xD Negan is probably the greatest antagonist in TWD Universe, what a lot of fans thinks. I thought of myself...since everybody believes that he's going to die because "he is going to"? Or is that because he's a bad guy? Kirkman probably already knows that. What if he's going to use one of his magical spells? To keep Negan alive? C'mon it's obvious...when he hears our speculations about anything, he plans to change it in different way, to surprise us. :P

Will Negan Die In All Out War?

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A comic character of "Daryl" *rolls eyes*. Dwight wields a crossbow which has been used to kill many zombies and also Abraham Ford. We're still not sure whose side is he REALLY on or just playing both sides. He explains how deeply he hates Negan to Rick...and he shot Rick in the stomach with a "mucked bolt". Does that mean he did it hesitantly? He couldn't even shoot his own leader in front of him - perhaps it's because The Saviors will find out what he's up to...and he doesn't want to blow his cover?


Dwight. Looks worried when Negan ordered him to shoot Rick 'with a "mucked bolt".

My opinion: Either Dwight will live...or not. I can think of two ways that's going to happen to him. He will be killed by Rick Grimes because of his "betrayal" or tells him that the bolt isn't mucked and will team-up against Negan.

Will Dwight Die In All Out War?

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Aaron and Nicholas

The reason why I'm doing the both together is because they're fighting off The Saviors together at the same place and time. Them and Rick are surrounded by Negan and The Saviors, will they reach to safety?


Nicholas and Aaron. Trying to fight off the Saviors while Rick is injured.

My opinion: They're not main characters, but I know Nicholas will be killed. Aaron, it would be sad if he gets killed off - it'd be awesome if he stays alive for more issues. My idea about what's going to happen with these two and Rick. One of them has to get Rick to the safety (if Rick can't continue to fight due to injury) while the other one is fighting off The Saviors. But I think Nicholas will be one to defend Aaron and Rick while they're reaching to the mansion, sadly he will die for sure.
Will Aaron/Nicholas Die In All Out

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