Season 3

I think this season was overall an average season, and by far, the worst. It had little to no character development at all, with Rick, Carl, Andrea, The Governor, Merle and Michonne being the only exceptions. If they actually focused on character development and not the whole war with Woodbury-Prison, it would've been much better. I completely agreed with the way that Lori and T-Dog went out, and was overjoyed when Carol emerged from the closet (not like that, the closet she hid in to escape the walkers). I thought that Andrea should not have died in the season finale, nor should've Milton. I really wished they wrapped up The Governor's storyline this season and move onto something else. Also, Morgan Jones should've returned with Rick to the prison in Clear. Carol and Daryl began to evolve into something else, and I loved it, and really hope they continue to evolve into a pair next season, as I ship them 100%. But, Shumpert, honestly... should not have survived at all. He never spoke the entire season, and was kind of just.. there, similar to Jimmy and Patricia. I also believe that they shouldn't have killed off all the prisoners before the season ended, but it is what it is. I would've liked to see Tyreese to be the sole-surviving member of his group as well, as Sasha is kind of invisible as well, but they're both now series regulars. 

Season 4 

Ughhhhh, when they announced that the relationship between Rick and Carl would be the main focus of the season, it almost made me not want to watch it. Carl is by far my least favorite character and got Dale killed. >.> I really hope that Carol and Beth get a ton of development this season, but I'm pretty sure Beth will get Lori's fate and crush Judith, and be killed by a new recurring character (it is confirmed there is a new female recurring role named Erin). I'm interested to see how the prison-Woodbury living situation will evolve, and I'm excited to see The Governor's demise. Hopefully Martinez and Shumpert die as well, but I think Bob Stookey may end up joining them, but who knows! Also, another thing I noticed towards the end of season three is how Glenn became kind of trigger-happy, and then it magically just went away and Maggie and Glenn became practically recurring characters as they had 1 line each in the finale. Carol and Beth had more lines than they did in the finale, and they were considered to be guests at that point, until Season 4. I have high hopes for this season, but eh...

  • Death Predicitions: The Governor, Beth Greene, Hershel Greene, Judith Grimes, Caesar Martinez, Shumpert (possibly), Karen (possibly), Glenn Rhee

Stay tuned for brief updates from time to time, and post your thoughts. --Anne Maria: I was on Canada's Next Top Model! 23:11, June 14, 2013 (UTC)