With the second half resuming, I figured why not post an idea of my theory of how the remainder of the season will turn out. 


Okay, so we've just met Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz), Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt), and Rosita Espinosa (Christian Serratos) meet up with Glenn and Tara Chambler. Now, the next episode, we see them and Rick, Michonne, and Carl in the episode, and they appear to be the only people in the next episode. These stories will truly be interesting ones, but none of them will be dying this season. We've just seen the return of Carol, whom is now heading for the sanctuary with Tyreese, Lizzie, Mika, and Judith. They will likely meet up with one of the other groups, but first, Lizzie is turning into a Ben-type role, and I feel as if she did indeed feed the walkers, and may have killed Karen and David. Yes, Carol did admit to killing them, but she could've caught them in the act, and may have broke down due to the fact that she taught the kids how to protect themselves. Tyreese will likely forgive Carol, and they will meet up with the rest of the group, with Rick praising Carol for returning Judith to him, and subsequently she is allowed back into the group. Meanwhile, Daryl and Beth are also on the tracks, and Beth has been shown a lot more since the season has picked back up, and Daryl is back in an anti-hero role. Beth may be the hunter death this season, being the semi-major death expected in the latter half of the season, possibly in Episode 15, while Maggie could be facing the door out in the season finale. Maggie was shown fending off walkers, and struggling very badly, and she is reckless. Glenn may have dropped the picture he had of Maggie, and the Hunters could pick it up and track Maggie down, killing her or cutting her leg off. The only storyline that could possibly ensue for Sasha and Bob is a romance, and those never last long, but Bob hasn't been seen fully yet, while Sasha honestly has. Sasha could be biting the dust this season also, having Beth be the last-surviving Greene family member. With Carol, the redemptive death is not going to be the road taken this time around, but Carol will be the exception of "You can't come back from the things you've done." Carol truly killing Karen and David would be too much of a drastic development in character, and isn't who she is whatsoever. Also, Bob may die as well this season, not fitting into the mix realistically.

With that being said: