Hey, guys! Nduke here! I have been catching up and taking notes from the mid-season finale and gathering news from sources, and decided to make a blog and predicting what will happen and who will die in Season 4B when it returns on February 9, 2014 until March 30, 2014. By the way, the green font in the characters' name symbolizes they're a series regular, while hotpink symbolizes they're recurring.



Rick Grimes

Well obviously, Rick will be in a bad place when the show picks back up, as he has just lost his home (The Prison) and he believes that his adorable baby Judith was devoured by walkers as well. Rick will probably be in a bad state for at least the first two episodes, but new hope may be restored for him with the return of his baby Judith... the question is... is she still alive.... and who will deliver her to him? Obviously Rick won't be dying this season, but don't be surprised if something else bad happens to him before the season ends in March. 

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Daryl Dixon

At this point, Daryl is very angry with Rick about banishing Carol, and may use Beth to help the search to locate Carol and bring her back to the group. It has been confirmed that a standalone episode for Daryl may be happening this season, so look for Daryl to get even more development this season.. but the question is... what will this development lead up to? His death? Maybe..... maybe not. Although, Daryl will most likely continue his leadership role this season, and I don't see him dying this season either.

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Glenn Rhee

Honestly.... I hate Glenn now. He has really been either annoying or in danger this season, and it is getting pretty tedious to watch Glenn get saved by somebody else. I used to love Glenn in the beginning of the series, but as the series has went on, he has became either trigger-happy or just irrelevant to the overall plot and is just a filler character. Glenn is still sick, but safe on the prison bus... so who knows what will happen with Glenn? I honestly... don't know, it could go either way. However, I am hoping that Glenn would die, but I'm just not certain about it.

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Maggie Greene

At this point, Maggie and her younger sister, Beth have just lost their dad, Hershel to a decapitation. Maggie left the prison with a wounded Bob, and semi-sick Sasha, so the three have a long journey ahead of them until they find the others. Maggie will likely face a darker road after losing her dad as it is, and may not be mentally stable, and similar to her comic counterpart, attempt or committ suicide at some point in the season. This weekend, it was confirmed that a major character that is STILL ALIVE in the COMICS will be meeting their demise in the second half of this season, and with the only options being Rick, Carl, Michonne, or Maggie.. it isn't looking too good for her as it is. If you consider Rosita or Eugene to be major at this point in the series, as they won't even be appearing until the tenth episode, they won't be receiving much development this season, and they do have the option to become a regular in the fifth season. So, possibly RIP Maggie. :(

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Carl Grimes

Carl just lost the prison and he believes he lost his baby sister in the mid-season finale. Carl will be taking care of his mentally unstable father, Rick, who just lost the prison and presumes he lost his father. Carl will have a major role in the second half of the season, and will likely take over Rick's leadership position of the group. And with the person feeding the rats still on the loose, it could be possible that Lizzie is indeed the killer, and similar to comic-Carl, he may execute Lizzie and be left with that on his conscience, but that doesn't seem very realisitic with the way the show is going down. As being the lead and pivotal character in both the comics and the television series, Carl won't be dying this season if at all. 

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Honestly, I love Michonne, and with her killing The Governor in the mid-season finale, I love her even more. There WILL be a Michonne-centric episode, where we will finally learn her backstory and why she broke down while holding baby Judith in the second episode of the season. I think that she may have suffered a miscarriage or may have had trouble getting pregnant, something in that nature. Expect Michonne to be a bit more vulnerable in the second half, but she will still be wielding her katana high and mighty. She won't be dying this season or anytime soon, that's for sure. 

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Carol Peletier

Carol has been missing since the fourth episode of the season when Rick made yet, another poor decision and banished her from the prison. Carol will be prominently featured in the second half of the season. I think that she will end up running into Tyreese and the kids, including Judith. I noticed him carrying a baby right before the bridge was blown to bits, I noticed Tyreese carrying a baby, with the head.. and it was indeed Judith. Carol may take the kids for Tyreese and could redeem herself to Rick, as she brings back his baby girl in time. Carol's relationships may be rebuilt or completely ruined within the group, so this half could go either way for Carol, but I don't see her dying this season.....

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Beth Greene

In the mid-season finale, Beth lost her father and tearfully defended the prison and helped evacuate prison residents onto the bus. She later ran off with Daryl, and the two have been seen in the promo, with Beth walking away from a burning building. A synposis for Episode 9 included Beth, with "Daryl and Beth realize they are being followed by someone." Who is this someone? Could it be Michonne? Also, Beth will be faced with coping with the death of her father, and now that both of her parents are dead, this second half will definintely show us how strong Beth really is. And with the possible death of her sister looming around us or another group member, will Beth survive? I see Beth surviving into the fifth season, possibly taking over a comic-Sophia role. 

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In the mid-season, Tyreese was saved by kids Lizzie and Mika, and took off at the prison with baby Judith. In the second half, I expect Tyreese to continue looking for the Karen's killer, but I'm not totally sent on him finding out that it was Carol, or possibly Lizzie. Tyreese will be a bit more... vulernable, I guess? He's one of the few characters that I'm not sure what will happen with, but since he's prominently featured in the comics...maybe he'll survive?

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Sasha was shown recovering from the flu, but not fully cured in the mid-season finale. She runs off with a wounded Bob and Maggie. Sasha will likely be cured and safe... for now in the second half, and has been seen fending walking up a hill with Bob, looking at something or someone. I'm not sure how big of a role Sasha will play in the second half, or how long she'll be in the second half... but she may not survive the entire season.. I don't know.

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Bob Stookey

We saw Bob get shot in the mid-season finale, but there was an exit wound, so he escaped the war with Maggie and Sasha. In the promo, he is seen walking up the hill with Sasha, looking somewhat either relieved or satisfied, so maybe they found Rick or some others among them. We will likely see more development of Bob in the season, but he still seems a bit shady to me.. perhaps he is the dissector of the rabbit. :O

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Lizzie Samuels

We saw Lizzie shoot two of The Governor's army in the mid-season finale, and then run off to save her friends with her younger sister, Mika. She'll likely either be with Tyreese and then Carol, or with both of them for the remainder of the season. I could see Lizzie being the female-version of Ben, and could possibly kill Mika and then get killed by Carl. I don't see Lizzie surviving this season, but ya never know.

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Tara Chambler

We saw Tara refusing to shoot at the prison group... but we're not really sure where she went. Tara will be appearing in at least three episodes in the second half, including the season finale, so maybe she joins Rick's group as she realizes she has lost Alisha and her niece.. but will she find out it was Lizzie, and will she attempt to hurt Lizzie? Obviously, Tara survives this season, as she has an option to become a regular in Season 5.

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Mika Samuels

Mika seems to be a bit... more stable than Lizzie, but now that they have guns, it makes me a bit unsteady. I could see Mika dying this season, but Meghan has already filled the dead-girl card.

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