Okay, so I've been meaning to do this since July 20th, so it is only 10 days late. I am posting my predictions for each character in Season 4.

Opening Credits

Honestly, they have a HUGE cast this year, so they'll probably extend the opening credits. They'll most likely honor Scott Wilson by giving him the coveted last spot in the also starring list he has received since Season 2, and Beth most likely won't do much this season, but is somehow a series regular. Kind of like them promoting T-Dog lolol. But yeah. Here are my character predictions below.

Character Predictions

Rick Grimes

Big shocker, Rick is still shown to be the leader this season, but he seems to be keeping his group close rather than pushing them away as he did last season, which I hope they'll go somewhere with. Rick will most likely survive this season once again, the group would fall apart if he died this early to be honest.

Daryl Dixon

AH Daryl, amazing Daryl. He seemed to breakout as a leader in the trailer and is shown to possibly become romantically invovled with Beth, but he obviously will shoot her down, them getting together is gross and I stiill ship his romance with Carol. He'll most likely survive Season 4, as the producers know their ratings would plummit if Daryl were to die.


Okay so as usual, Michonne is badass. Although she always goes on supply runs, she really could use some development this season, and rumor has it Andrea could pop up on our screens in Season 4 to show more of their journey in the timespan in between Season 2 & 3. I can see her getting with Tyreese, and become more emotionally vulnerable.

Glenn Rhee

At this point in time, I'm just done and tired of Glenn. His character turned into complete s*** in Season 3 as he became randomly trigger-happy and was constantly OOC. In Season 4, I wouldn't really care if Glenn died or not, although I do see it happening since we started to see a potential happily-ever-after with Maggie, and one of them will likely die before that continues and evolves in Season 4.

Maggie Greene

At this point, I'm sort of indifferent about Maggie and her character. She's just so bland anymore and in the Season 3 finale, she had one whole line, like woo-hoo! :D Aside from being almost raped by The Governor in Season 3 and her being shown to have developed combat skills, she really didn't develop all that much. In Season 4 however, I can see her getting pregnant and possibly dying since she started a happily-ever-after with Glenn towards the end of Season 3.


Okay so as we saw in the trailer, Tyreese was the main focus of the entire trailer, which hints to me that he could possibly be dying in Season 4. Tyreese has flowers for someone than looks on in horror, so I'm guessing that he could potentially be losing a loved one, which is most likely Sasha, and then post-Sasha's death, he could turn dark and become less caring about anything, and as we saw, he took on a huge chunk of walkers with a hammer. Does he survive? Most likely, but I think what all of those walkers piling around him, I'm pretty sure he's gonna get scratched and die of an infection at some point in Season 3.

Carl Grimes

So basically with Carl, I hate him, but I have no idea what he'll do in Season 4, it said that the focus will be the relationship with Rick and Carl, so possibly they make up or their relationship becomes even more strained than it was in the Season 3 finale, but they seem to be getting along a bit more in the trailer.

Carol Peletier

Carol. <3 She is my favorite character in the series, ever. <3 I love and adore Carol, and she had a good amount of screentime in the trailer. She seems to be bonding with a little girl who seems to be a bit devious, possibly being a demented version of Sophia? ;D Yeah, but my guess is she'll probably wind up having to kill the little girl before she kills Carol. Carol also seems to be a teacher towards the Woodbury kids, which is kind of a completely new arc for her, which I'm very excited about.


Okay, so basically in Season 4 my guess is that the producers are going to make us hate Sasha from the beginning. Sasha is basically a leader in Season 4 as well, but she seems to die from a few scenes in the trailer. She has her hand pressed up against the screen and Tyreese finds a couple of gas cans and looks on in horror, which could possibly hint at Sasha dying. And plus, Tyreese finds a trail of blood, so maybe Sasha crawled down the path and outside and lit herself on fire to prevent reanimation? I don't know, that is a long shot, but I can see her easily dying in Season 4.

Beth Greene

So in Season 4, we saw about one scene with Beth, and it looks like she tries to get with Daryl and she seems to be flirting with him a bit too much in the trailer. My guess is the she gets Carol's comic counterpart fate and commits suicide because Daryl shot her down. Otherwise, I don't see her doing anything in Season 4.

Bob Stookey

So as we saw in the trailer, Bob Stookey is one of the new Woodbury residents. He seems to be a bit sneaky and could possibly be the serial killer, but I think that if he is the killer among the group, then somebody is manipulating him to do it, possibly The Governor. I don't know, he could die or could survive. ;)

Hershel Greene

Hershel remains to be the voice of reason in Season 4, and somehow, he got his leg back. So uh.... WTF? Anyways, unless they get a new, older man that is wise, Hershel will most likely survive. Although if Beth does commit suicide, Hershel possibly could as well.

The Governor

I have no idea where The Governor is, he's probably hiding among the prison group and is the serial killer. My guess is is that he is having Martinez and Shumpert killing the group off because he has them fearful and able to do whatever he wants. The Governor will obviously die in Season 4, there is no way that he will survive.