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Duke's Walking Dead Character Rankings

Nduke December 9, 2013 User blog:Nduke

I've been meaning to do this for awhile, especially with the TV Series getting to be popular, so why not the make the blog just a week after the mid-season finale, right? I will be making a rankings list for the series regulars AND the recurring cast members. 

Series Regulars

#1 - Carol Peletier


Okay well honestly, this shouldn't really come to be a shock to anyone, as I have an avid love for Carol, as well as Melissa McBride. The reason I love Carol so much is because everyone can relate to her. She's overcome so many obstacles in her way and I'm so happy that she is finally getting to shine this season. Carol is overall, in my opinion, the best TV Series character, as they completely reinvented her, sharing only the similarity of the name from the comic version. 

#2 - Maggie Greene

To be continued, ya'll. 

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